12 Lessons after 4 Years of Business

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12 Lessons after 4 Years of Business 3Experience is one of those things that can’t be bought by money. To be experienced you need to invest time, face problem and find the solution. More problems you will face, more experienced you will be. More experienced you will be more value you can add. Today at 28th June, 2014 we have reached the milestone of completing 4 years as an Online Marketing Company.  Our next goal is to emerge as the best IT firm in Bangladesh. In the meantime, we worked virtually, we set up our first office ever; we gradually grew up and made our family larger. Each day we learnt something new, something small, and something big. In this happy day, I would like to share 12 lessons I have learnt in my 4 years of business

  1. Working together under one roof is more productive than working virtually.
  2. Your company is what you and your team members are.
  3. Red Tea is a part of creativity and productivity.
  4. Don’t check the bank account so often but keep records of all debits and credits.
  5. Having fun and staying relax act like a fuel to your success.
  6. More leading skills you will achieve more business success you will get.
  7. More problems you will face, more experienced you will be.
  8. More you read along the way, more knowledgeable you will be.
  9. If you can’t manage your time accordingly you’ll be a loser.
  10. Never satisfy on your current level
  11. Be honest what you do
  12. At last, don’t try to do everything yourself.

New Year is coming, we have new milestone to reach, we will have new clients to work with and our clients might have more expectation from us than before. So let us to be prepared for coming year while I will check out what else I can add with these 12 lessons. At last, thanks to all of my clients who kept faith on us, all team members who made our journey memorable. All friends and well-wisher for their support.

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