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15 Remote Working Benefits for Employees

The world is going through a pandemic time. It’s become difficult to move forward physically in work and maintain social relations. So most of the company like Bizcope is now switched into remote working because it’s the best solution to keep the wheel running for team growth. 

Working from home for an employee can be a daunting change for many professionals used to working in an office full time. Not only that, but for an employer, it can feel like a risk to have an employee always working off-site. The following list dispels some of those concerns and argues that there are numerous remote working benefits for employees if the interaction process is managed effectively, and both parties hold up their end of the bargain. With such a diverse workforce and array of technologies on offer, working from home is becoming easier today across so many workplaces, especially with the rise of this pandemic time.

Remote Working Benefits for Employees

  1. Increased trust from your employer – External workers are often self-motivated and gain the trust of their employer by regularly delivering quality work on time with minimal fuss. This results in many other benefits, including more employees being offered more challenging/interesting projects and engaging in a closer (although not geographically) working relationship with senior staffers.
  2. Less transport costs – Nobody likes paying for fuel, funding for public transport or the time it takes to get from your home to the office. This is a big one. And the best thing is, you’re should never be late!
  3. Higher quality work in less time – When there are fewer distractions, and you’re a motivated self-starter, you can easily achieve more at your desk. Many employers are now recognizing this and finding that remote workers can make BIG things for their organization.
  4. More time to yourself – This may be a blessing in disguise, but in such a busy world, a bit of “me” time can go a long way to becoming a much happier employee.
  5. Ability to manage family and lifestyle – So often do we replace family time, exercise, and other personal joys with work. Without the daily commute and that extra hour or so, this can be a significant remote working benefit.
  6. Tax advantages – Check with your accountant, but working from home can result in many more deductions, including deducting some of your home’s running expenses such as electricity and Internet costs.
  7. Eating healthier – Having access to a refrigerator full of beautiful fresh food can help your waistline, but also your budget. With less lunches at the local eatery each week, you can maximize your savings too.
  8. Easier to schedule personal and household appointments – Finding it difficult to get to that Doctor or Dentist’s appointment? Working from home can quickly help with that.
  9. Use whatever OS/systems I want – Many digital professionals are “enslaved” without date browsers, operating systems, and software. If you choose to work from home, you can elect to work on any setup you want.
  10. You set your hours – Looking to work 9 to 5? Maybe 7 to 3? Working from home means you can set your hours.
  11. More sleep – Because you are traveling less, managing your day better, and taking control of your life, you can get the required sleep your body needs to function at its optimum with ease. This is not always a given for full-time office workers, but a benefit of working from home.
  12. Increased communication preferences – Because you’re working from home, interacting with your fellow employees via a communication channel of your choice is a great asset and one that can help you take control of your working week.
  13. The big brother syndrome – Feel like your boss, manager, or coworker is watching your every movement? Not at home. Produce quality work on time and consistently deliver requested items, and your boss and coworkers will love you for it.
  14. T-shirt and shorts – Like your t-shirt and shorts? You can choose to work in a more relaxed outfit daily. Just make sure it doesn’t become a habit, and those slippers down leave the boundaries of your property!
  15. Compensation from your employer – Generally, remote workers are well compensated for expenses outside of their salary. Whether this is the home office, travel, or other items, extra compensation is always a bonus.

Working from home is beneficial in many ways for employees. But we have to keep the companies’ benefits in our minds as well. We will grow only when we will ensure the growth of our team or company.

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