8 Most Noted Stats about Banner Ads

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Banner ads are essential in running an online advertising campaign. The higher your Click Through Rates (CTR), the better your chances of gaining leads and conversions. To measure the effectiveness of your marketing endeavors, you are likely to come across or generate many statistics about banner ads. In this article, I will look at 8 of the most commonly noted banner ad statistics and look at how they are likely to affect your own marketing and advertizing campaign or strategy.

1. Traffic Numbers Determine CTR

This may look rather obvious but it is not always necessarily true. What this statistic tells us is that if you publish your banner ad at a publisher site that enjoys a high number of users then your banner ad will get clicked on more times than when you

CTRpost your ad at a publisher site with less users. This only works if all other factors are constant. But by posting a banner ad at a publisher site whose visitors have no interest in your product, you may end up never getting any clicks at all. In the same vein, by strategically posting your banner ad on sites which your target market is likely to visit, you may get even up to 90% of that site’s visitors clicking on your banner ad. So the interests of a site’s users matters just as much or even more than the number of visitors to the site.

2. Understanding Your Genre Increases CTR

This statistic suggests that by understanding your genre you will be better able to attract higher CTRs. This is very true. It is only by understanding your target market, what they look for, which sites they visit most, and where they are located will you know how best to place your ads.

3. Features Attract Clicks

Over 70% of viewers who click on a banner ad were attracted by the features. The rest were attracted by the text and other factors. Therefore, when making your banner ad, put some very careful thought into the kind of features you will incorporate. Using some good banner making websites such as webbanner24.com, bannersnack.com, and mybannermaker.com, you can integrate some exciting features to entice viewers into clicking on your ad. Remember, more does not always mean better.

4. High Quality Banners = High Quality Leads

It is rather obvious that if your banner ads are of high quality, you are more likely to create leads that will result in conversations. This applies in almost every instance except on those very rare occasions when buyers of a particular product get scared of your high quality thinking it means high prices.

5. 20/80 rule

Only about 20% of internet users will click on banners 80% of the time. And those who click will only turn into leads 20% of the time. With such dismal odds, a marketer should know how to target customers for the best lead generation and conversation rates.

6. Top 50 Firms Earn Over 85% of Ad Revenues

Only about 50 of the top advertising firms get close to 90% of the total revenue spent by other firms on advertising. This means that all the other advertising firms have to scramble for just 10-15% that remains. For you as an advertiser, knowing this can help you lay out your advertizing strategy and decide which firms to partner with to reach out to your target market.

7. About 50% of Clicks Are Accidental

accidental clickMany times I have clicked on something only to see a new tab or a new window opening without intending to click on a web banner. That is the case with most clicks on banners. As a marketer, you can use this to your advantage. Just make sure your landing page will retain the viewer’s attention.

8. Average Internet Users Are Served With About 1700 Ads Monthly

As an online marketer, you have probably heard of banner blindness. The reason banner blindness happens is that most internet users get bombarded by a daily barrage of banners that it gets to a point they begin to subconsciously ignore the banners. For a marketer, this means your banner ad should stand out and be unique. Make it compelling and enticing.

Banner ads are a great online marketing tool. Any advertiser should do well to study the statistics associated with the effectiveness of banner ads. This will help in making decisions concerning design and placement.

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