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When we started 11 years ago, it was the Nahid Hasan and a small team. We were desperate, dedicated, and keen to learn new things to prove ourselves. It grew even bigger in the last couple of years that goes beyond 60 years of cumulative experience.

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About Bizcope​

Bizcope provides online marketing campaigns across the key areas of search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and advertising that help companies grow revenue. We started our official journey in 2010 under the name Outsource BD and began with a focus on small online business. After three successive business years in 2013, we rebranded to become Bizcope and evolved as a large online marketing firm. Now, we at Bizcope, provides various internet marketing services for small and medium-sized business to enterprise brands across the globe with a great rate of success.

We Are Bizcopers

We are the people who eat, drink, sleep and play with SE0 and development. We don’t do work for money, we love this work and that’s why we earn money. We love to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that the objectives are met by our proven strategies.

How We Formed

When we started we had nothing more than few computers, now have 18 members in our team. How we did it? We formed with very easy calculation, gradually with 1,2,3,4…..18 by satisfying over 300 clients for SEO, SMM and Development Projects for the last six years.

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Our Values​

Our behaviors are driven by a philosophy and set of core values. Every decision we make, every strategy we use, every partnership we entertain is based on these core values.

We practice authenticity (authentic information, highest quality data, users intent etc.) in our work that Google loves and gives a rank boost. The idea is very simple. When we prioritize the benefits of our client’s customers above rankings, positive SEO will follow naturally.

The business growth and lead generation are the top two goals of our marketing activities. Many business owners struggle to make sales and growth or to stand out among others. However, we pride ourselves that we have helped more than 300 business owners to boom their sales and growth and appear on SERP through our online marketing activities.

With over 11 years of experience in the industry, we have grown up most resourceful in the sector. We have built up a good rapport with hundreds of bloggers and online marketing influencers. We expend thousands of dollars in research and data analysis for your business success. 

Online marketing, digital marketing or SEO whatever you call, it is all about art and passion. Unlike most other online marketers or SEO professionals, we don’t consider it as a Work or a Task. But we eat it, drink it, feel it and overall we live on it. When a lover or an artist puts passion in his work, people notice it, start to talk about it, and you become prominent among all others.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.


Nahid Hasan

Founder & CEO

Shahin Ara

Shahrin Ara


Abdul Kader

Abdul Kader

Head of Service

Sharif Hossain Syeed

Sharif Hossain

Head of Business Development

Ijaz Ahmed (1)

Imtiaz Ijaz Ahmed

Business Development Manager

Nazrul Vai (3)

Nazrul Islam

Office Administrative

About 5

Nafayeth Islam

Digital Marketer & SEO Specialist

Ahmed Himel

Borhan Ahmed

Web Designer

Farha Tanjum

Farhaa Tanjum

Digital Marketer & SEO Specialist

Rumana Akter

Rumana Akter

Reputation Management Expert

Samiul Azim (2)

Samiul Azim

Graphic Designer

Msud vai

Ashraful Alam

Digital Marketing Strategist

Doris F. Balch

Doris F. Balch

Sr. Content Editor

Ray J. Bean 1

Ray J. Bean

Content Editor

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