Let me guess…


You love SEO. So, you already know some SEO techniques. You may have a website, or even you have been trying to catch SEO clients to offer them SEO services. Whatever the case; now you feel you need to learn some actionable SEO techniques – not those rubbish theories.



After everything you’ve tried, you have pondered at least at some point that ‘is this SEO really any good for me”?


Look, everybody who learned SEO has undergone this struggle. So why do you fear?


It’s not that it’s your fault. It’s the complexity of SEO industry that unnecessarily created this barrier!


So, all you need is to understand this complexity and to break down this barrier. And to do so all you need to do is to learn actionable strategies and put them into action. Keeping that in mind we have crafted and designed this advance SEO training course.


What if you could attract constant traffic into your site?


Yes, you too can achieve that! SEO is simple! All you need to do is helping search engines to find their user’s questions, they’ll give you a rank boost. That’s it!

We will help you implement this strategy that we implemented for Rokomari.com.

Advance SEO Training Course in Dhaka, Bangladesh 1


This is not only just for rokomari. We have been using the same strategy for all our 500+ clients and 800+ projects over the globe.


Advanced SEO Training Course


There are 6 Courses in this SEO Training


Class 1 – SEO Basics



Class 2, 3 and 4– Market Research, Keyword Research and Competition Analysis



Class 5 & 6 – On-Page SEO – Basic and Technical



Class 7  – Google Search Console and Analytic



Class 8 – Content optimization. Drafting and Analysis



Class 9 – Site Structure



Class 10 – Off-Page SE0 – Foundation Link Building


Class 11. Off-Page SE0 – Power Link Building


Class 12 & 13. Off-Page SE0 – PBN – Private Blog Network


Class 14 – Social Media Marketing


Class 15 – Introduction of Platform to Make Money doing SEO