Advance SEO Training Course in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Let me guess…


You love SEO. So, you already know some SEO techniques. You may have a website, or even you have been trying to catch SEO clients to offer them SEO services. Whatever the case; now you feel you need to learn some actionable SEO techniques – not those rubbish theories.


  • You may have even read tons of articles about ranking keywords on Google’s first page.
  • You have watched tons of YouTube videos but none are actionable to implement on your or on your client’s site.
  • You’ve tried talking to senior SEO gurus or following them on social media communities but they made you even more confused than ever before.


After everything you’ve tried, you have pondered at least at some point that ‘is this SEO really any good for me”?


Look, everybody who learned SEO has undergone this struggle. So why do you fear?


It’s not that it’s your fault. It’s the complexity of SEO industry that unnecessarily created this barrier!


So, all you need is to understand this complexity and to break down this barrier. And to do so all you need to do is to learn actionable strategies and put them into action. Keeping that in mind we have crafted and designed this advance SEO training course.


What if you could attract constant traffic into your site?

  • Maybe you’d get more leads and sales from your site
  • Maybe you’d get more clients or charge a higher rate for your services
  • Or maybe you’d think to quit your current job and concentrate on the SEO stuffs.


Yes, you too can achieve that! SEO is simple! All you need to do is helping search engines to find their user’s questions, they’ll give you a rank boost. That’s it!

We will help you implement this strategy that we implemented for Rokomari.com.

Advance SEO Training Course in Dhaka, Bangladesh 1


This is not only just for rokomari. We have been using the same strategy for all our 500+ clients and 800+ projects over the globe.


Advanced SEO Training Course


There are 6 Courses in this SEO Training


Class 1 – SEO Basics


  • Introducing with different search engines
  • What are Search Engine Optimization and its importance?
  • How SEO works in Internet Marketing
  • Why does my website need SEO?
  • Learning how Search Engine works
  • Key Audiences for Your Site
  • Perception of website Promotion method (SEO, SMM, PPC and Others).
  • White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO
  • Types of SEO and Learning of SEO Tools and Related Terms


Class 2, 3 and 4– Market Research, Keyword Research and Competition Analysis


  • Understand market structure
  • Analysis the depth of market
  • Market demand
  • Market trend
  • Brainstorm for building a list of Seed keywords
  • How to find a Profitable Niche
  • Perfect Niche Research process
  • How to Do Keyword Research the Smart Way
  • Understanding keyword search volumes, keyword demands etc.
  • Introduction of various keyword research tools such as Google keyword planner, AHREFS, SEMRush, Keywordtool etc.
  • Using keyword and keyword phrase research tools.
  • Researching LSI keywords
  • Commercial Intent — A Crucial Factor for Keyword Research
  • Common Mistakes in Keyword Research
  • Understanding keyword competition
  • Finding and listing competitor’s website
  • Measure competitors strong and weak points
  • Finalizing keywords based on competition.


Class 5 & 6 – On-Page SEO – Basic and Technical


  • SEO friendly website layout and design
  • SEO Yoast Plugin Configuration Process
  • Title optimization
  • How to Write Title Tag For SEO
  • Using Modifiers in the Title Tag to Rank long tail Keywords
  • How to Optimize Header Tags for Good SEO
  • Using LSI Keywords in Your Content
  • Using Multimedia for SEO
  • Why You Must Use Long Form Content for SEO
  • How to Use Internal Linking Strategy to Get Ranking Boost
  • Understanding Keyword Prominence
  • Understanding Outbound Links
  • Meta keyword
  • Meta description
  • How to Optimize Header Tags for Good SEO
  • Canonicalization and the Canonical Tag
  • Understanding Breadcrumbs
  • SEO friendly permalinks setup
  • Image Files, Sizes Et Tags optimization
  • Page loading speed
  • Understanding the Bounce Rate of a website
  • How to Decrease the Bounce Rate
  • Dwell Time: What You Need to Know about SEO
  • Html status codes error and redirection process
  • Using Social Sharing Buttons for User Engagement


Class 7  – Google Search Console and Analytic


  • How to Add a Web Property to Google Search Console Account
  • How to Add a New User to Google Search Console Account
  • Explaining Search Appearance on Google Search Console
  • Understanding HTML Improvements Report on Search Console
  • How to Use the Search Analytics Report in Google Search Console
  • Explaining Links to Your Sites Report in Google Search Console
  • Finding Index Status of Your website in Google Search Console
  • Understanding the Crawl Errors report in Google Search Console
  • Understanding the Fetch as Google tool in Google Search Console
  • How to remove URLs from google index
  • Understanding the robots.txt Format
  • XAAL sitemap creation
  • Detect Bad Backlinks and Removal Process through Webmaster
  • Link Disavow with Ahrefs
  • Google Analytics Setup and Website Traffic Monitoring


Class 8 – Content optimization. Drafting and Analysis


  • Content Writing Process
  • SE0 friendly Content Writing Process
  • Building stackable content
  • Long content writing Tips
  • Introducing with Content writing Tools
  • Amazon Review Writing Process
  • Content marketing roundup


Class 9 – Site Structure


  • What is Site Architecture?
  • What is Search Engine Compatible Site Architecture?
  • Benefits of Search Engine Compatible Site Architecture
  • Elements of Site Architecture That Impact Search Ranking
  • Understanding Domain and Hosting
  • How to choose the right Domain for your business
  • How to choose Short and Brandable Domain
  • Install SSL Certificate
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your Domain Name


Class 10 – Off-Page SE0 – Foundation Link Building

  • Understand Off-Page SE0
  • What is Backlink/Link Building?
  • Best Anchor Text Distribution for SE0
  • The concept of Link Juice
  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory submission
  • PDF submission
  • Doc share
  • Social profile


Class 11. Off-Page SE0 – Power Link Building

  • Guest Posting
  • Understanding the Skyscraper Technique to Earn Quality Backlinks Et Traffic
  • Understanding Broken Link Building: White Hat SE0 Technique
  • Web 2.0
  • Infographic design and distribution
  • Resource page link building


Class 12 & 13. Off-Page SE0 – PBN – Private Blog Network

  • What is PBN
  • How to find expired domain
  • How to check an expired domain
  • How to set your expired domain
  • How to design your expired domain


Class 14 – Social Media Marketing


Class 15 – Introduction of Platform to Make Money doing SEO

  • Marketplace introduction
  • Forum Introduction
  • Email Marketing
  • Scale up your services and skill
  • How to promote your service