9 Tips for Writing a Business Pitch for On-Boarding Clients

Writing A Business Pitch

Time is not with us. We are passing through a hectic situation where most of the business is facing a big hard time. I heard that people are losing jobs; companies are losing clients, not because of a lack of skills. Because of the current economic condition. But it doesn’t mean we have to sit […]

15 Remote Working Benefits for Employees

15 Remote Working Benefits for Employees 1

The world is going through a pandemic time. It’s become difficult to move forward physically in work and maintain social relations. So most of the company like Bizcope is now switched into remote working because it’s the best solution to keep the wheel running for team growth.  Working from home for an employee can be […]

Which Outreach Template Works Better? – A Small Case Study

Which Outreach Template Works Better? - A Small Case Study 2

Guest posting is a crucial link building medium nowadays. At least our team prioritizes it for gaining links for any project. But it’s not working like it was before. All the webmasters are aware now what guest posting is and why we are asking for a link. No matter what and how you are approaching, […]

Shaping Up a Successful Digital Career

Shaping up your Digital Career with Bizcope

We are at the door of 2020. We are living in a digital world where the web is dominating our life. It’s not just upgrading our lifestyle but also an opportunity to build a career with it. So, the first question arises that is it really possible to build a successful digital career?  Yes, you […]

How to Set Your Content Strategy for Google BERT 2020

Content Strategy for Google BERT Update

Hey Folks, 2020 is coming up. Are you ready to cope up with the new wave of marketing? Google just released the most significant update of their algorithm history (for me, every update is the biggest one). It’s Google BERT update 2019 in how Google understands the search queries. Billions of searches processes in Google […]

Few Simple Tips of Optimizing Website Crawl Budget

how to optimize website crawl budgets

We all know search engines like Google uses crawlers to visit web pages. By crawling these pages, the search engine index the pages. But it’s not like instant indexing. It depends on many signals to determine either the page will index or not. We generally audit our website, focusing on basics and technical issues. But […]

How to Create a Complete SEO Campaign in 8 Simple Steps


If you are reading this post, that means you know what SEO is. So, I am not going to discuss it. Let’s talk about the core topic. Creating your SEO campaign is not an easy task. If you don’t know the step by step process, then you might miss something. I am going to write […]