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Choosing the Best CMS/Platform for Web Design (Exclusive!)

Best CMS

This post contains the most useful guide on choosing the right platform for building your website. The choice should be consistent with your demand. Shouldn’t it? No matter you are a web designer or a site owner, you should smartly opt for the apt platform. And to help you decide we will be discussing the […]

The 6 Pillars of A Good Web Design (UX)

Web Design Service in Bangladesh

We don’t just build a website; we build a business. There are many business modules that mostly rely on a website to run their business. Thus a substantial amount of planning and vision goes into creating a website that serves its purpose well. To create a website that is not just eye-catching but also highly […]

Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical

Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical

If you read this post, chances are that you have run across an error message “Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical” in Google Search Console like this:   Cause: This the case where Google suspects the content is duplicate to another page even if you have declared it as a canonical link. Even if […]

12 Insider Tips to Find a Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

12 Insider Tips to Find a Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Want to find a clothing manufacturer for your clothing line? We are here to give you 12 important tips to find a clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh. Manufacturing is one of the pivotal factors in making your clothing business a success. A right manufacturer will help you save money as well as time. Hence, the decision […]

Top 5 Important Local SEO Ranking Factors

For marketing a local business, our previous generation would give out leaflets or flyers.  Days are gone! Today people are too much dependent on mobile. So are the businesses.  If you have a local business you can reach out to hundreds of new customers daily by local SEO.  Call us today at +8801324738600 to speak with […]

Top 12 HR and Payroll Software Companies in Bangladesh

12 Best HR and Payroll Software Companies in Bangladesh It is no secret that in the business world today, employees are the most valuable resource. Now more than ever, even finances are second to the wellbeing and management of an establishment’s workers.  With this, the need for the hour shifts to creating a streamlined framework […]

Bizcope Appreciates Small Businesses

Bizcope Appreciates Small Businesses

While improving Bangladesh’s business environment is essential, small business focus is at an all-time high right now. Since 2010, Bizcope has been one of the leading internet marketing firms located in Bangladesh. While our mission is to help companies of all shapes and sizes, we strive to give the small business market the support they […]

Best HR and Payroll Software Company in Bangladesh

HRM software is very much needed from small to large companies. HR software used by companies can do their HR & Payroll related tasks very easily and that also saves their time as well. From the start, we have used many HRM software and used their HR & Payroll options as well. We took service […]

International Women’s Day 2020: Women Who Experienced the Progress

Women's Day Blog Post

In Bangladesh, the reality is that the number of women in IT and ITES industry is very less. Among them, it is rare that you will find many women in the Digital Marketing industry. But as a leading SEO and Digital Marketing company in Bangladesh, we always work to inspire women to be a part […]

Real Estate SEO: 5 Actionable Strategies To Skyrocket Your Sales

Real Estate SEO Strategy

You have a real estate website, but you don’t get much traffic. Will that really help you? Not actually ???? But what if you can get hundreds of targeted visitors every month? You’d be unstoppable, no? Yes, with the right real estate SEO strategies, you could hit thousands of organic visitors every month!   But […]

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