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Basic Tips for Developing an SEO-Friendly Design


Achieving success in search engine optimization is not just about generating quality content that can contribute to your bottom line. Aside from top-notch articles that are both comprehensive and on-point, another facet that you should pay close attention to is the design of the website. Focusing solely on content is one of the common pitfalls of those who are engaging in SEO campaigns when the real money can also be incurred through an SEO-friendly design. If you would like to know how you can accomplish this feat, here are the top tips to jump-start your design.

Develop a Tasteful Template

When you are in the business of developing designs, you should definitely summon every ounce of creative juice that you can to guide you in the process. Do not settle for a mediocre template and go all out on the design instead. Make sure that your site is tasteful and vibrant because this will boost the design’s appeal to clients. You should also take into account the title and description of the site because these can greatly determine if a user will explore your site or not. Clever, informative headings can also give you the edge that you need to succeed in the highly-competitive area of design development.

Provide Easy Navigation Options

If you are eyeing a stellar design, you should make sure that it is user-friendly. Do not make it too complicated and do not pose too many trappings which might mislead your users. Remember that when your page is too intricate or difficult to navigate through, your users can easily get discouraged. One of the best ways to facilitate easy navigation is to provide text links in the footer. This will help your user skip to another page or hop to another content without the hassle. If you would like your users to hop back to previous pages and identify their current location in the general scheme of your site, you might also consider employing breadcrumb navigation.

Buff up on the information

Customers appreciate getting straightforward information without much ado. One of the secrets to a successful, SEO-friendly website design is ensuring that every page a user goes to have the functionality and features of a landing page. It should be able to dish out the details that your customers are looking for with utmost credibility. Instead of hiding behind fine prints, go for full disclose in a bold font that will be easy on the eyes. Aside from its tremendous contributions to the aesthetics and substantiality of the website, this can also buff up its credibility and good will to prospective clients.

Enable users to share

Your design should transcend all limitations and enable your users to share your content and your page to their friends who might find it helpful and interesting, as well. Incorporate social media buttons that your users can use in sharing and, in effect, achieve more exposure and traffic for your site.

These are just a few of the tips that you can employ to come up with an SEO-friendly design. Keep your creative juices flowing while keeping in mind the convenience of your users. Always remember that along the content, your design can greatly determine the success of your online venture.

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