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Bizcope helped Picsmela in Brand Activation

How Bizcope helped Picsmela in Brand Activation?

MIT Sloan and Capgemini quoted,  

“90% of CEOs believe that the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing a digital strategy.” 

According to Marketing Week

“48% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product if they can try it first.”

On the other hand, statistics show that,

“74% of consumers say that engaging with branded event marketing experiences makes them more inclined to buy the promoted products.”

Overall branding strategy is not only limited to the digital platform but also required to have brand activation.    

So in order to grow their business, Picsmela had to do something different. This brand needed a way to stand out from the crowd and show its unique brand proposition to be the leader in the market.

This is where Bizcope stepped in and helped Picsmela tap into their brand activation strategy that would give them the opportunity for growth.

We merged with Picsmela as a partner because we understand what it takes for an entrepreneur like you, someone who has been successful in one industry to want to break the stereotypes and enter into another industry.

Picsmela has assigned us to expand our expertise with trust as we are marketing and business consultants and to provide creative design, branding, social media engagement advertising, PR service since March 2021.  

Picsmela wanted us as a partner because they know that we are experts at what we do – looking at every angle of marketing, branding, social media engagement, advertising, and design.

Here is the breakdown of how we provided Picsmela with the ultimate solution:


As Picsmela is a photo technology tool, we were looking for an endorsement from professionals. Photographers are creative professionals who work with photos and design.   

So photographers are the right professionals to collaborate with our business. As a profession, we intend to recognize their contribution to our society and upscale their career. 

The photography society needs to improve its skills and enrich its service through professional excellence. 

Connectivity is a prerequisite and essential tool to boost their career in the future. So our idea was to organize a get-together program for the photographers. This event would allow them to expand their network through building connections while having an overall quality time.

These professional connections would later allow them to collaborate and co-operate during emergency needs. 



Planning & Execution

Our initial plan was to invite top-rated 100 photographers from Bangladesh. We decided to organize this event on October 24, 2021. 

We, the Bizcope Team, collected the data of more than 300 photographers of Bangladesh from various authentic sources. We then started to connect with them through phone calls and emails.

Afterward, we approached the senior photographers of the Bangladesh Photographic Association to take part in our event.    

We had an arrangement of some fun games and quizzes for the photographers as part of the entertainment. They spontaneously participated in those events and had much fun. The event was followed by a buffet dinner. 

Thankfully, most of the senior photographers attended this event. More than 150 renowned photographers graced this event with their participation and spent some quality time with the fraternity. 

Renowned journalists from prominent TV channels and Print Media also participated in this event. They covered the event with greater significance. 

Mr. Sharif, Head of the Operation, From Picsmela quoted,

“Bizcope has done a tremendous job for us. They started the event from scratch and had completed the event successfully.”  

We’ve helped Picsmela use the power of its brand to grow. Picsmela used our expertise to come up with a strategic plan that would give them room for growth and success. What do you think about this blog post? Let us know by commenting below!

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