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Bizcope Knowledge Sharing

Brands usually help their customers, right? What if you hear a brand helps their community as well? Yes, you are hearing it alright.

We have served over 700 businesses since 2010. We feel with this huge experience we can keep sharing our knowledge with the community. So we can build an ecosystem and grow together. With this thought, we have started contributing to the community and we want to be a leading name for it. We believe knowledge and experience is something to spread and grow together.

With this belief, we have decided to go for a campaign, called Bizcope Knowledge Sharing.

What is Bizcope Knowledge Sharing?

By working very hard for our clients, by doing so many A/B testing, by thinking out of the box, we always learn something. Either by succeeding with a campaign or by failing it. But we are learning every day or every moment.

We want to share our learning with the community. So they can learn and do well even they haven’t tried and failed. Our experience is helping them move forward. We named this campaign as “Bizcope Knowledge Sharing”.


Our agenda is very simple, helping our community, helping other business owners to learn from our experience and expertise. And we want to do it in a friendly, funny and entertaining manner.

We have recently organized our first Bizcope Knowledge Sharing Event on 20th April, 2019. Just like any other activities we do, we made it very friendly, funny and in-depth content quality.

You can see a glance of that even in photos.

The hangout was hosted in Bizcope headquarter in a 4-hour long session.

The event agenda included a welcome speech, discussion on Sales and Digital Marketing tricks, open discussion with question answering, feedback collection and finally a thank you speech. There was also an interval session for snacks, photo session, and fun.

The participants were very delighted and thanked the Bizcope team for such a wonderful evening. They requested the organizing team to host such an effective party in a regular interval!

Let’s join our Facebook group to get more from us.


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