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Shaping up your Digital Career with Bizcope

Shaping Up a Successful Digital Career

We are at the door of 2020. We are living in a digital world where the web is dominating our life. It’s not just upgrading our lifestyle but also an opportunity to build a career with it.

So, the first question arises that is it really possible to build a successful digital career? 

Yes, you can if you have the right skill and proper mindset. People often think that working through the web is the easiest one. But the reality is different. You have to cope up with the latest trend every day.

Technologies and algorithms are frequently changing. What we learn today will not work tomorrow. Trust me; if I read much in my student life, I might get a Ph.D. by now. Jokes apart! You can build your career here, but it requires both of your dedication and passion.

  • Where to begin? –

First, research the market. Look for the growing and trending skills in recent times. You can start working on it. Or maybe if you have an interest in any specific field, you can focus on it as well. Like if you love to design, you can choose graphic design as a career. Remember, you can’t switch your field multiple times. You can, but it will be a waste of your time. 

  • How to begin? –

Guess you know what you are capable of. You have an excellent skill set to start working. Now all you need to know how and where to begin?

You have multiple options to proceed. Such as –

  • Start as a freelancer.
  • Start as a team builder
  • Start working with a team or agency

Starting as a freelancer is always a good option. You can learn many things by yourself. There are lots of freedom to do your work. But the problem is you will be a one-man army all the time. You have to do all your work and brainstorming at the same time. So this is the high time you might create a team to make sure of your growth.

Now building a team is challenging. Finding a skilled person, maintaining it, and setting up the structure is not a small task. It requires investment, time, and risk. If you make any mistake choosing a wrong team member, then you might end up losing everything.

Working under an agency or brand is always the safest side to build your career. It ensures secure payment and future growth. Now here raised a few more questions –

  • Where will I learn the most?
  • What you’ll learn at an agency
  • What you’ll learn with a brand
  • Where will I make the most money?
  • Where can I progress the most?

Now when you get the answers to all the questions, you will have a clear view from where to proceed. 

Bizcope is arranging a seminar about how to shaping up a successful digital career on 28th December in the Basis auditorium. It’s an invite-only event, so everyone is not allowed to participate. But we are keen to share our thoughts with all of you sometime in the future. If anyone finds it useful, it will be helpful for us to achieve our goal. We love to contribute, and we will keep doing it.

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