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Tally Prime - Best Accounting Software In Bangladesh

Tally Prime is the latest version of Tally ERP. It is the world’s most popular business solution and is used by nearly 2 million businesses in more than 100 countries.

It offers an easy interface with well maintained features such as stock control, accounting, reporting and payroll which will make it easier than ever before!

We provide the best solution for TallyPrime software in Bangladesh, including service and training; if you are looking for the best possible solution for your business, we are ready to help you get started!


Tally ERP
Tax and Payroll

Why do you need TallyPrime

Business doesn’t have an easy time for manual accounting or difficult interfaces in modern life. Businesses need reports, and employees need easy implementations.

Here comes TallyPrime, the best tally accounting software in Bangladesh. TallyPrime has come with API, Mobile App, Customizable reports that differentiate it from other ERP software.

TallyPrime Remote access and Mobile App ensure you the work comfortability to checkout your business progress anywhere you go.

We Work with Great Clients


Do more with TallyPrime!

With TallyPrime, you have the power of instant collaboration, multi-tasking better, customizable reports, moving reports to others without forgetting, easy data entry, Change-View, Basis-of-Values, and Exception-Reports, and much more. 

Tally accounting software is the best way to manage your business and make it more efficient. Get ready for the flexibility; TallyPrime, an all-in-one best accounting software at an affordable price!

Ready to make your accounting task easy?


Our Tally Products​

TallyPrime Silver

TallyPrime silver package offers unlimited users with a lifetime access edition. A single user can access it remotely through the internet and get to work right away!

You need 150 Mb Disk Space and 8GB RAM.

TallyPrime Gold

TallyPrime Gold package offers unlimited users with a lifetime access edition. Ten users can access it remotely through the internet and get to work right away!

You need 150 Mb Disk Space and 8GB RAM.

Tally Server

TallyPrime Server package offers unlimited users with a lifetime access edition. Fifty users can access it remotely through the internet and get to work right away!

You need 150 Mb Disk Space and 8GB RAM.

Our Tally Services​

Onsite & Remote Support

We provide TallyPrime’s installation, implementation, data synchronization, and migration services. Our engineers can visit onsite for consultations or attend to your queries remotely.

Data Synchronization

We provide the most well-structured architecture, centralized Setup with data synchronization services for our customers. TallyPrime strong data synchronization system ensures data exchange between Branches and Head office.


With our Tally Prime software training, you will be able to learn accounting in no time. We have dedicated and experienced experts to easily train you for managing accounting, inventory management, payroll, and MIS.

Priority Support Services

We ensure priority support in any emergency or normal situations. Data recovery, password recovery, and new TallyPrime installation are all priorities for our experts. We’ll also help you through the year-end process optimization so your end data can be split across multiple drives or rid yourself of it completely!

Business Dashboard App

Our Bizeye Business Dashboard is a mobile-based information management application for business owners or top management. It provides real-time key figures, periodic comparative performances, and graphical performance comparisons that help make strategical decisions with ease!


Tally Prime’s customization options are designed to match your company’s needs. Our team will work with you, providing a guarantee on minimizing the complexity and risk for any Tally Prime project – no matter how big or small it may be!


With TallyPrime or another ERP solution, you need to integrate information from the previous one. TillyPrime gives you the flexibility to integrate with any third-party software, web, mobile, or excel. And any application in .net, java, JSON, PHP, SQL, etc., can be integrated into using XML. We also offer web services, API tools, SMS Module CRM for Tally Prime integration.

After Sales Services

We are committed to offering the best service for our customers at affordable prices. Sometimes it’s hard to get comfortable with complex projects, and New people may find it overwhelming to get familiar with the software and operate it properly. Don’t worry about your after-sales support; we’re here to solve your accounting needs.

Business / Vertical Solutions

We know that every business is different from others, depending on size, business models, and unique characteristics. That’s why we have come with industry-based specific and customized solutions for every business that can be extended for your business too.

Tally Accounting Software Price in Bangladesh ​

Tally Accounting Software price varies from company to company depending on services and features. We provide the best after-sales services, training, and customer support. Contact us for our packages and price.

Tally Prime Server

Tally Prime Gold

Tally Prime Silver

TallyPrime Features​

  • Accounting
  • Asset Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounting Integration
  • Accounting Management
  • Account Management
  • Annual Filings
  • Banking Integration
  • Barcode Integration
  • Bonus, Loan & Advances
  • Management
  • Budgeting
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Support
  • Email Integration
  • Financial Management
  • HR & Payroll
  • Web Access / Restoration
  • Multi-Location
  • Multiple Company
  • Online document
  • Storage (back-up)
  • Payroll Management
  • POS invoicing
  • Product Database
  • Production Management
  • Supplier and Purchase
  • Order Management
  • Quotation & Estimates
  • Taxation Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fund accounting
  • Cash Management
  • Compliance
  • Inventory Management
  • Investment
  • Invoice
  • Management
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bills of Material
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Analytics
  • Multiple Users
  • Analytical Reports
  • Purchase Management
  • Document Printing
  • Billing
  • Sales Management
  • GST Compliance
  • Multi-Branch
  • Connectivity
  • GST audit report
  • GST returns
  • Job Costing
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi-Currency
  • Service Tax
  • Checks & Controls
  • Access your Data on the Go
  • Mobile Access
  • Live Chat
  • GST
  • GST Tax Invoice
  • GST ReadyGST
  • Compatible
  • Statutory Capabilities
  • Job Work
  • Internet-based
  • MIS Reporting
  • Data Exchange

Free Download Latest Version of Tally Software

Tally Prime Free Download for Windows

Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11

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