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Bizcope is an Internet Marketing Firm Located in Bangladesh. We are providing services in various fields related to Online Marketing, Web Designing and Development. We assure the best working environment that is fun, rewarding and beneficial to our employees. We help our employees to reach their full potential while growing professionally.

Secure Career

Bizcope is a great place that secure its employees career when the economy is really in a downturn. Our job security make our employers more confident that allows them upward mobility, creativity and innovation.

Ontime Payment

Bizcope respects the value of your work, so we provide payment on time which includes monthly salary, intensives, performance bonus etc. Payment is most important aspect for the employees and we understand your concern.

Problem Solving Culture

In Bizcope the team members help each other to solve a problem. We take periodic classes and meetings to educate and inspire the team. We think it’s a great way in improving our knowledge and in developing our skill.

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Position 1 - Business Development Manager

Position 2 - Content Writer & Researcher

Position 3 - Data Entry Operator

Employees Speak

I had the opportunity to join Bizcope and discover this very fact. I never feel I’m working at office and I try to spread this feeling to my team members as well. Thanks to Bizcope for providing me with such an excellent working team. Bizcope is already one of the country’s top online marketing firm and we believe it’s not far away we will be one of few in the globe.

Sharif vai

Sharif Hossain

I joined Bizcope as a professional worker and tried to establish myself here. With the flow of time I established here as a Digital Marketing Strategist and now working here for the last two years. In this mean time, I learned a lot and the circumstances guide me to become a professional person in work and also personally. Now I feel very proud to be a part of this organization.

Hasan vai

Mahmodul Hasan

When I started in Bizcope as an SEO Professional, I realized that I am at home! I learned to deal with various kinds of barriers and stumbling blocks and those kinds of situations have honed my skills very well. It has been 8.5 years I am working with Bizcope. With a great working space, nice colleagues and challenging tasks, I am so glad for the year that has passed quickly.

Abdul Kader

Abdul Kader