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Clipping Path Services That Boosts Your Engagement & Sales

From a simple white background to the most complex clipping paths. Get pixel perfect image editing services, whenever you need them.

clipping path service in Bangladesh
clipping path

Beat your competition with professional Clipping Path Services!

Image editing services for eCommerce businesses and pros, from product photographers to Amazon sellers to global brands.

Because a quick product shoot can easily turn into a week or more of editing and formatting your images. Let us look after the edits, so you can get back to the work that needs you!

Image Clipping Path

image clipping path

Background Removal

background removal

Image Masking

image masking

Image Retouching

image retouch

Ghost Mannequin


Color Change

image color change

Our Image Editing Services!

Bizcope is a hand drawn photoshop clipping path service provider in Bangladesh. We offer the best quality clipping paths. We are a well-reputed top-ranked image editing company serving since 2010. Our clipping path service helps companies showcase their products more effectively. We provide a wide range of image editing services.

Image Clipping Path

color-changing-before color-changing-after

Image clipping path service is provided using photoshop pen tool to remove objects from a background that make looks images more attractive, increase engagement & skyrocket sales.

Bizcope ensures the best quality clipping path services with an expert designer. No matter what big objects you are dealing with in the background. Our experts will remove it like there was nothing here.

color-changing-before color-changing-after

Image Retouching

Have you got some low or bad quality photos? Let our experts deal with it to bring life into it & take all of your headaches.

Bizcope offers image retouching services that are a kind of manipulation to make a photo look more natural & eye-catchy.

Image Masking Service

hair-masking-before hair-masking-after

If you are looking for extra precision (including hair or fur) that looks completely natural, image masking is the service you want.

Wave off all the worries as we have got you covered with our image masking services. Using photoshop masking tools, we will cut off all the unwanted objects in the background in such a way that you will never realise there was something before.

hair-masking-before hair-masking-after
Invisible-Mannequin-before Invisible-Mannequin-after

Ghost Mannequin Service

Invisible-Mannequin-before Invisible-Mannequin-after

Ghost Mannequin is showcasing your product’s apparel leaving out the mannequin. It is basically used to display your products digitally to make them more appealing to your target customer.

Our experts will help you with the invisible mannequin with your provided instruction.

Background Removal

Clipping Path Service image Clipping Path Service

Bizcope is providing image background removal services for eCommerce, product photographers, wedding photographers, Food Photographers, fashion photographers, Magazines, Advertising Agencies & online stores.

Contact us for bulk orders! Our experts will remove the background like there was nothing before!

Clipping Path Service image Clipping Path Service
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Why Choose Us!

On-time Delivery

Get your images back in as little as six hours, even if you have thousands of shots to get through

Pixel Perfect Results

Our designers can handle even the most complex cutouts — no straight polygonal lasso lines where they shouldn’t be

Under Budget

Edits start at just 25¢ per image, way less than it would cost to do it in-house!

24/7 Delivery

Your dedicated customer support team is ready to help, whenever you need us

Our Pricing

Basic Plan

$ 1
49 Per Image
  • 1-100 IMAGES / ORDER


$ 1
19 Per Image
  • 100-500 IMAGES / ORDER


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  • 500+ IMAGES / ORDER

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Clipping Path is the technique used to cut out an image from its background. It is a feature that can be used in photo-editing software to create a selection outline around an object to remove the background.

Clipping Path is a technique used in image editing to cut out a specific shape or object from an image. It is generally used to remove background from an image, or to create separate images for different parts of an object. The process of clipping path begins by selecting the desired shape or object using a selection tool. Once it is selected, a path is drawn around the edge of the object using a pen tool.

Clipping Path is used to hide the unwanted part of an image. It is a vector-based image masking technique that is used to remove the background from an image or to cut out a particular object from the rest of the image. It is used to create a specific shape or outline for an object in an image.

To make a clipping path in Illustrator, you must first create a closed vector shape. This can be done by selecting the Pen Tool and drawing a closed path on the canvas. Once you have created your shape, you can then use the Clipping Mask function to clip all other objects or layers inside the shape.

To do this, select the layer or object that you want to clip and go to Object > Clipping Mask > Make.

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Dropbox or Wetransfer: Dropbox and Wetransfer are very easy and popular methods. You can try any one of these.

Email: You can also use the email option for sending images if it’s only a few and within your email attachment allowance limit (usually 20MB).

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