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8 Essential Elements of an Effective Corporate Video

Corporate videos form an integral part of creating a company’s brand identity and are constantly used as an effective tool for communication and marketing. When you hear the words ‘corporate videos’, you may instantly think of advertisements from – Apple, Samsung, Nike, Mercedes, Porsche, AT&T, Vodafone, Fly Emirates, and other industry titans.

Although these examples are relevant, they do not cover the whole idea of corporate branding videos. In reality, corporate videos cover a much broader domain than just the titans of our economy and are well applicable to businesses of all sizes and types. These domains are – social media videos, promotional videos, company culture videos, sales presentation videos, testimonial videos, and many more.

And working with corporate video production puts you in a position of working where you can create the maximum impact. So, if you are a creative corporate video agency hoping to make your way into the world of corporate film production, this article is for you.

In this article, we will talk about 8 crucial elements to look out for in corporate video production. Moreover, we will also cover some tips for creating quality corporate videos. Let’s get into the article.

What Is A Corporate Video?

A corporate video expresses how a company operates internally and externally through a compilation of crucial moments shown in a video. Such as – conveying quarterly or annual financial reports, exposing the corporate culture inside an office, general training videos, promotional content, etc.

Corporate videos significantly differ from general video ads, as they are catered only to a specific audience.

8 Important Elements Of An Effective Corporate Video

If you’re working with corporate video production, it is essential to align yourself with the company’s interests, stakeholders, and audience for the best outcome. The best corporate videos could see the light because everyone on and off the production was aligned as a unit.

Evidently, people’s choice for absorbing information has transitioned from text to videos in the last few years. For example – 95% of people prefer watching a video for grabbing crucial information as opposed to 10% of people who prefers reading textual content like blogs, social media posts, etc. This trend is also following the corporate world, where the conglomerates prefer watching short videos instead of texts.

And so, to better understand the list of elements for a quality corporate video, we have covered some points below:

1. Understanding Your Target Audience

As a professional corporate videographer, before you dive into the complicated parts of how to create a corporate video, the first few questions you need to ask yourself and your team are:

  • What is the purpose of the video?
  • Who is your target audience?


Once you narrow down your target audience, then you can discuss with your team the following questions:

  • What are the challenges our target audience is facing?
  • What solutions can we provide to mitigate those challenges?
  • What language is easily understandable for the target audience?
  • What platform(s) are the most suitable to connect with the audience?


It is essential to understand that every action you take here has repercussions. In other words, your efforts on the corporate video will be translated into the audience’s action after watching the video. And consequently, it will be directed towards you. 

And the only way to know if your efforts had been successful can be determined from your audience’s behavior. Are they taking action, or are they avoiding it?

2. Connecting Emotions With Storytelling

High impact visuals aren’t the only way to engage your audience with a high-quality corporate video. Aligning your audience with the right emotion plays an even more critical role in producing a successful corporate video.

Scratching the surface of any business is easy. But if you dig deeper, every business has a compelling story to tell that drives the audience to take action. 

Focusing on these emotional stories equally, the technical aspect will create a product of unparalleled quality and increase the audience’s engagement.

According to research by Science Daily, human brains can better relate to characters and emotions by comparing with their thoughts and feelings. So, presenting too much information, facts, and figures is a red flag.

The idea is to balance information, inspiration, and emotion inside one video. In this context, corporate videos of Twitter, Airbnb, or the Fly Emirates top the chart of one of the best corporate videos.

3. Perfect Camera Settings

Optimal camera settings are vital and challenging technical aspects of quality corporate video production. Your story needs a definitive shot that can make the audience relate to the scenes on the screen.

And in most cases, hiring a permanent team for CSR videos is very expensive. So, companies usually hire  a reputed creative video production agency for corporate video shoot.

4. Choosing The Right Audio Equipment

Perfect use of audio equipment captures the sound as well as creates scope for inserting voice in a video. A silent story cannot resonate among every audience. And so, it is important to create that sense of action that creates the impact.

Using an iPhone for corporate video production is great. But, there are other equipment in the market that can help to elevate the audio and video output you require for your videos.

5. Creating The Perfect Ambience

No matter how great your corporate video is, one aspect that is always left untold is the ambience. Although an ambience sets the tone and aligns the audience with the mood of the video, it is one of the key aspects of creating corporate video content.

Using some tools makes choosing the ambience an easy work. Background Score is one of the tools worth mentioning. Next, it is essential to decide the music for the video.

Music makes the entire video experience worth watching. A good music can mesmerize the audience and also compel the audience to watch the video multiple times. Instrumental music are a good match for corporate branding videos.

Finally, set the tone of the video to something that matches with your topic. If you’re launching a new product, using an upbeat music is a good choice. All these pieces together can make the audience feel excited, cheerful, positive, and hopeful about the product.

6. Using Voice-Overs

A perfect corporate branding video is incomplete without a perfect voice-over. And this is where you need to hire a professional voice-over with a powerful voice. 

A good voice in a video creates a fulfilling experience on the audience end. In fact, most voice-over artist also writes their own script for the video, which allows them to suggest and use power words in your videos.

7. Using B-roll Footage

Using the same hand and head movements kills the engagement from a video. And since you want positive impact from the audience, using such ideas is a red flag.

What video producers do to retain the user’s attention is to introduce B-roll footage or additional footage in the video. Such ideas help to retain the excitement of the audience and also create better engagement.

For example – if someone is talking about taking a plane trip, you can show a plane taking off in order to make them relate to the video.

8. Choosing The Ideal Video Length

Lastly, capturing the audience’s attention until the end of the video is one of the biggest challenges that needs addressing in order to create an effective corporate video.

Shorter videos have always created greater impact and is also something that people prefers globally. So, the ideal balance should be to create a video under 2 minutes length.

Alternately, if your videos are for promoting education, then you can extend it up to 6 minutes. However, it is important to remember that consuming less time on the audience’s end should be your first goal.

In light of all these points, choosing a professional corporate video production agency is the best way to get the expected impact from your video content. Bizcope is serving the domestic and international market as one of the best corporate video production company for more than a decade. 

With a team of experienced videographers, editors, and a creative lead, Bizcope has the experience of creating professional marketing videos, corporate introduction videos, corporate promo videos, and more.

In Conclusion

The summation of all of the above points is essential to produce a perfect corporate video for your company. It is advised to appoint a professional agency for making your videos. However, if you follow these tips, rehearse, be patient, and correct your mistakes in each step of the video, you can create a corporate video all on your own efforts.

But if you don’t want to feel left out, make sure to hire the best agency so that you can understand your business and deliver the results you want from your corporate video.

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