12 Insider Tips to Find a Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

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12 Insider Tips to Find a Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Want to find a clothing manufacturer for your clothing line? We are here to give you 12 important tips to find a clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Manufacturing is one of the pivotal factors in making your clothing business a success. A right manufacturer will help you save money as well as time. Hence, the decision to choose a manufacturer should be made after doing enough research.

Bangladesh is known for its cheap production cost and is the ideal manufacturing destination. You can find up to 90% off on production costs in Bangladesh. Let us tell you how to find a reliable clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh when you don’t stay there.

12 Insider Tips to Find a Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

1. Decide what you want to manufacture – The first step is to decide what you want to produce. Once you know this, you can narrow down your search accordingly. For instance, if you want to produce cotton clothes, you should look for manufacturers who have appropriate equipment for production.

2. Get an estimate of the sale price – Decide a budget for all the start-up costs. Once you have decided on a budget, find out how much you are willing to spend on manufacturing clothes.

For example, if you want to sell your clothes at $25 per piece, the other costs might add up to $5. This will help you know that you can spend around $15 for manufacturing to make a good profit.

3. Decide the number of items you wish to produce – You have already decided how much money you will spend on one piece. Now it is time to determine how many pieces you want to produce. Manufacturers in Bangladesh have a minimum quantity of orders. You need to find out whether you can fulfill their minimum order quantity.

4. Do thorough research to find suitable manufacturers – You can go for an online or offline search according to your preference. For an offline search, you can hire a professional agent. The agent would research according to your needs and list down the ideal manufacturers in Bangladesh. Hire an agent who is experienced and trustworthy. You can ask your friends who are already in business about a reliable agent.

Another alternative to find a clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh is to visit Bangladesh once. This might seem like a very big task, but this will help you make the right decision for your business. You will also save a lot of money. When you are in Bangladesh, you can visit different factories. You can speak to manufacturer’s yourself and find out the right clothing manufacturer for your business. You can check if they have the necessary equipment to produce what you want and negotiate for lower prices.

5. Search online – For online searches, you can just take a Google search with the right keywords. Some search terms that you may use are as follows:

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6. Schedule an interview with the shortlisted manufacturers – Once you have selected some manufacturers, it’s time to schedule an interview. It is important to have enough information about the manufacturer before finalizing anything. You do not want to start your business with a clothing manufacturer who is not right for the responsibility. During the interview, ask as many questions as possible to the manufacturer. This would help you understand the manufacturer better.

Some of the questions you can ask your manufacturer are:

  • What kind of products do they manufacture?
  • What is the procedure for producing those products?
  • What tools and equipment do they have?
  • Which companies are they currently working for?
  • What is the minimum order quantity they produce?
  • Do they have any seller financing or credit options for payment?
  • Do they offer after-sales and free shipping to their clients?
  • Do they have enough resources to manage an increased demand? For instance, if the demand increases from 5000 pieces to 20,000 pieces, can they up-scale their production?
  • What services do they provide to clothing brands?
  • Who will manage the fabric sourcing and pattern drafting for the items?
  • Can they show some samples of their work?
  • How do they package their products?

If the clothing manufacturer gives satisfactory answers to all your questions, you can make your choice.

7. Evaluate the manufacturer – Before making a final decision, you should evaluate the manufacturer. He should be quick in responding to your calls and messages. In case he has too many clients to deal with, he might not be able to cater to your needs. In that scenario, you should continue looking for a different manufacturer.

8. Negotiate on the terms and sign the contract – Now that you are satisfied with every aspect, you can negotiate terms. Once you both reach common ground, you can sign a contract with them. A contract ensures your safety and that the agreement terms are strictly followed.

9. Ask for product samples – You should ask them to show you the samples. This would help you know what the final product will look like. You can check the fabric, texture, and sewing of the outfits.

10. Send them your sketches – If you like their samples, you can send your sketches to them. They can then start production and shipping.

11. Keep looking for alternatives – It is not wise to settle for one manufacturer. In case your manufacturer cannot meet your requirements, you can immediately switch to another manufacturer. Hence, it is always better to have at least 2-3 options in mind.

12. Sell your products and ask for feedbackYou need to see if people are happy with your products. Positive reviews would mean that you have chosen the right clothing manufacturer for your brand. In case the reviews are negative, you can start looking for a manufacturer again!

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