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Flashback 2018: Bizcope Stories

2018 was such an interesting year for us that we feel like when we look back, there are so many things to be proud of. Choices we made, things we did and the moments we experienced made us feel on the top. In today’s post, we will share just a few of our stories from 2018.

In January, our CEO Mr. Nahid Hasan attended in UnlimitCon 2018 and shared his experience over client Acquisition strategy. UnlimitCon successfully gathered some of the country’s leading professionals and entrepreneurs in online business.

In March we had a wonderful day out event in Meghbari Resort and it has left lots of sweet memories to us. We made lots of fun and enjoyed ourselves with lots of exciting activities all day long.



In August, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between Bizcope and UY Lab. The ceremony was attended and signed by Mr. Sahadat Hossain, COO of UY Lab, and Mr. Abdul Kader, COO of Bizcope. Bizcope and UYLab will collaboratively work to make and utilize efficient manpower in the country’s IT sector.


In November, Payoneer and UY Lab jointly organized an event “Empowering Your Online Career” at UY LAB. The goal of that event was to give proper guidance to UY Lab students for the global market and for their mindset and growth hacking tricks. In that event, our CEO Nahid Hasan as the Head of Business Development, Payoneer shared growth hacking tricks with the new professionals to achieve bigger goals.



In this month we were also invited to BITPA Conference 2018. Our CEO Mr. Nahid Hasan was a key speaker in this event. Our Senior Digital Marketer Mahmodul Hasan was also awarded a crest for his professional excellence at the conference ‘Career Con 2018’ organized by Bangladesh Innovation Forum.


Finally this December we’ve celebrated the hottest events of the industry ‘Affiliate World Asia 2018’ in Bangkok, Thailand.

Want to keep up with us throughout the year? Stay with us for the latest update, tips, ideas and much more.


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