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We've noticed a surge in fake job offers via WhatsApp claiming to be from Bizcope. Please be advised that we do not recruit through random messages. Find real job opportunities on our Official Website, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages. Stay smart!


Follow us on Linkedin and Get The Five Benefits FREE

Do you know LinkedIn has over 500 million members, and among them, 40% of their members use LinkedIn daily? Yes, you are reading it right. And the most important part is, people use LinkedIn only for professional purposes. That means they use it for professional networking, professional updates, for jobs or new talents.

This is a significant difference between LinkedIn and other social channels. Other social channels can be useful for professional purpose, but they are not built only for professional reason, but more like a social gathering.

As we have grown a lot as a company in the last couple of years, we have also taken LinkedIn very seriously along with other channels. We came with some giveaway and content planning only for LinkedIn, and we will only share those in our LinkedIn Company Page. If you are not connected with us on LinkedIn, you can connect here.

connect with bizcope at linkedin

Now if you think what kind of advantages you will get if you connect us on Linkedin, here are five instant benefits you are going to get.

  • Get consultation for FREE –

Have you ever thought how a consultation from an expert can help you grow your business? I believe you have thought, but it often requires money to hire a consultant. And it’s always challenging to spend your money wisely. It’s always confusing where should I spend my limited resources, which agency to choose, who to hire. Don’t worry; you don’t need to spend your money, we will have a 20 minutes consultation for you for free. You need to connect us on Linkedin.

  • Get exclusive content on LinkedIn Pulse –

Our content calendar is ready. Here we will share lots of marketing, SEO, and growth hacking tricks. We will publish a good amount of content on LinkedIn. You can only get them on your LinkedIn feed if you are connected with us.

  • Get notified when we have a discount offer –

Success comes with satisfaction and also more expectations. Every successful project inspires us to do even better and to serve more and more clients. With that expectation, we came with various occasional and milestone discounts, which can be a double win deal for our customers. They can get the same result but with less investment, meaning more profits. By connecting with us on LinkedIn, you can get those announcements and save your money.

  • Get notified when we hire –

As a part of growth, we always need more people to hire; sometimes it’s a full-time position, a contractual / project-wise. You can get notified when we are hiring and grab the position if you are confident enough with needed expertise.

  • Get industry insights –

If you are running a business for a while, you already know how fast the market changes nowadays. Technology makes it easier to set up a business and ensures growth if you have proper knowledge and strategy. At the same time, it’s challenging to stay ahead than your competitors with less industry insight and knowledge. We Bizcope always share industry insights, and you can expect to get them on our LinkedIn page.

There are many more benefits on LinkedIn; the question is that ‘do you want to get it or not’? Connect us on LinkedIn. You can also connect us on Facebook if you are not connected.

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