How to Cope With SEO Warning in 2014

How to Cope With Latest SEO Warning in 2015

SEO is not dead and is not gonna die anytime soon, not now, not ever! Nonetheless, if you do your SEO wrong you may end up killing your website and your business. If you are new in running an online business and SEO then you should quickly become aware that Google got crazy and brought in lots of algorithmic updates. The search engine giant reportedly makes an average of 500 algorithm changes each year and as an SEO expert you should watch out and not be caught flat-footed. The algorithms changes are primarily intended for keeping away spammers and unskilled webmasters away from the first page of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

SEO Tricks

With these algorithmic changes came new rules for SEO. For any successful optimization campaign, expert SEO specialists know they have to follow certain basic rules from now (2015):

  1. Focus on SEO more than ever but stop backlinking right now.
  2. Always perform a link profile audit before making any further steps.
  3. Understand the real value of content.
  4. Develop social engagement skills to increase brand reputation on social media platforms.
  5. Don’t overwork themeselves. Find time to re-energize and switch on their creativity.
  6. They also Focus on paid SEO (PPC) along with Organic SEO.
  7. Avoid using link farms and low-rated link building companies and focus more on content marketing.

What to Avoid

Algorithmic changes will get you hit by penalties and your website and business may never recover from them. Some of the SEO actions most likely to attract damaging penalties include:

  1. Avoid using paid links, reciprocal links, shady links, hidden links, and other forms of link manipulation. What you want is natural links and natural social media shares by users who find your content interesting enough to share with their networks.
  2. Avoid serving search engines and users with different content. This is known as cloaking in the SEO world and while it used to produce quick ranking, it is now heavily penalized by Google.
  3. Avoid serving malware from your website and online products. That will not only get you penalized by Google and other search engines but word will get around within your target market and you will lose big time.
  4. Avoid those sneaky, unwarranted JavaScript redirects that take visitors away from the content they were searching for.
  5. Just like you would avoid bad locations for a brick and mortar business, avoid bad online neighborhoods. Keep away from links to or from spammy sites, servers used for black hat SEO, and bad Top-Level Domains.
  6. Avoid using keyword rich anchortext.

Future of SEO

Google and all other search engines will not stop making algorithmic changes. As mentioned earlier, this is done to stop spammy websites from occupying the top slots for SERPs. So the main idea is to get content that will generate natural web traffic. You need to have original content that will grab the interest of your target audience and entice them to share with likeminded people. The importance of Social Media Marketing cannot be gainsaid in this day and age. Almost everyone is on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media sites and that provides every business with immense networking and branding opportunities. So for best results, SEO specialists should continue to be original and be active by regularly uploading engaging updates and current content.

What to Watch Out For

This is a scenario that has repeated itself with many online businesses in the past few years. You wake up one day and notice a very drastic decline in the number of website visitors and the number of sales. Your customer numbers dry up overnight and your website administrator has no idea what just happened. It might be another algorithm change or you have just suffered a heavy Google penalty due to your SEO strategy. To know for sure what has happened here are some basic tools you can use.

  1. Google WebMaster Tools (GWT): Check your GWT for notifications from Google about any unnatural links and delink them or ask the admin for the website that linked to yours to remove the links.
  2. Check all stats: Check all your website statistics from multiple search engines. Is it only traffic from Google that’s affected or is your traffic from Bing in the doldrums too? Did it happen precipitously or was it gradual?
  3. Check Update History: If only your Google traffic was affected, check the Moz Google Algorithm Update History and check if there are any updates that correspond to your traffic changes. Most Google updates nowadays are follow-ups on the Panda algorithm update which is concerned with on-page factors which include meta-data and content. Other common updates relate to Penguin which is concerned with off-page factors such as anchor texts and backlinks. You can reverse the effects of an update once you have identified the kind of update.
  4. Business environment: Some web traffic changes have less to do with your SEO strategies and more to do with the kind of business environment and the industry you operate in. Sometimes a news item can wreak havoc on not only your business but also your whole industry or geographical location.

The Next Step

If you want to know more about SEO strategies that will rank you top of SERPs then Bizcopers are the right experts for you no matter what kind of online business you are running. We will explain step by step where you have been going wrong after running our in-depth website audit and we will advice you on the best strategies to follow to avoid getting penalized by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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