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How to Measure the Success of Your SEO Campaign


Having been in the SEO industry for over 13 years, I’ve seen a lot of companies that hire SEO agencies get confused about how to measure success and when.

As SEO is a retainer service, it creates even more confusion as to how ROI is calculated. 

You know, paying an agency about $2,300 to $3,000 a month can be difficult for small businesses. And even for big brands, this is difficult because of the different stakeholders and priorities involved.

As a result, they hold the SEO service, change the service provider, or terminate the SEO campaign. And it causes more damage, the investment they have made so far is going to be wasted, allowing their competitors to take more control of Google search results and generate more business than them.

And ranking over them in the future will be much more challenging and will require much more investment!

Organic search is a channel. This is the channel where prospects can discover your business. A way that can provide you with warm leads followed by new customers.

Your SEO success depends on who you’re competing with and how long you’ve been doing SEO and generating traffic. If you have a competitor that he’s been doing SEO for 5 years, you can’t beat them in just 3, or even in 6 months.

In other words, you allowed them to dominate in search results by starting SEO so late. By holding your SEO campaigns you are allowing them to be more powerful and take your market share.

When to judge SEO Success?

There is no general rule when it comes to judging SEO success, but my suggestion is not to judge an SEO success until the last third of the initial contract.

How to Judge SEO Success?


SEO success can be identified by checking two statistics. 

  1. Rank Progress
  2. Organic Traffic Progress


For any SEO campaign, the first part is to have more impressions for targeted keywords and see decent rank progression. 

Each month you should see some keyword ranks rising, but some could also be falling. It will be a zigzag graph, but in an upward direction. 

Each month, you should see some keyword ranks go up, and some go down. It will be a zigzag graph, but in an upward direction. And it will be more visible on the second third of the contract. 

It’s important to know how SEO works, but it’s more important to know how to measure success! Especially if you are new in the SEO industry. 

If you are currently doing SEO with an agency and are not sure how to measure it or if it is going in the right direction, message me and I will personally tell you. 

But in SEO, you need to give it time!


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