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Idea Generation Contest for Bizcopers!

It is true that everyone wants to get little extra. But does everyone want to give little extra? I don’t know how many are there who enjoy giving little more to their clients, but we Bizcopers enjoy it. We always give something extra to our client. We are giving something extra to our clients since 2010 and determined do the same, even little bigger in 2015. To identify the best way to do that we are going to organize an in-house Idea Generating contest.

It’s always a challenge to generate innovative ideas to make regular services more fruitful. This is all mind game. The focus is to deliver quality service to our clients. We have noticed that when new ideas are generated and implemented the employees get always energized and the result is usually positive. We hope a better quality service for our clients after being promoted these ideas and removing the barriers.

As good preparation is essential for quality outcome we have announced the contest well ahead of time. We focused on specific topic so that the idea generates as narrow as possible and the presentation be well explained.

Before declaring the contest we made an Idea Awareness Workshops. We came into a decision that each of 18 employees will submit two ideas. We also suggested how to create the idea for example by using traditional brainstorming. The submission date is on 28 December. We will scrutinize all 36 ideas and move with the selected ideas for implementation. We will announce  the winners for their motivation. Finally we hope and dream for a better service providing firm in our specialty as the ultimate goal is to give little extra to our clients.

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