Increase Engagements by these Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

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If you’ve been around long enough like I have, you will understand that getting your clients engaged in your website is always one of the very best things that you might wanna do for your business.

You see for the past four years that I have expanded my networks to include some of the very best freelancers, online marketers, and even the best website designers, if there is anything that has occurred to me, it’s not only the importance of a great SEO design for your website but also the use of an exceptionally engaging website for your guests.

The reason being that if your website is ideally very engaging then you stand every chance that your guests won’t choose your competitors’ websites over yours, rather they will enjoy their browsing experience, and at the end of the day choose to buy from you.

And come to think of it, again looking back at my personal experience, I have had the chance to work with numerous websites that originally had some of the greatest SEO plans in place. And while every search engine ranked them well, they still couldn’t meet their targeted number of sales.

The thing is that while these websites had every little thing that probably the SEO crawlers were looking out for, say a great internal link building, fantastic page title formatting, lovely and unique content, and generally a well-optimized website, they still lacked the touch that the client would need to remain glued hours unending in their websites.

And don’t you get me wrong. Actually here is what I am’ talking about, one is what the search engines look out for in order to rank your website.

But the next which is what I want to dwell in today is what your clients might actually need to enjoy their browsing experience. These two should always work together for exceptional website conversions and user experience.

So if you asked me today, what actually can you do to make your website quite engaging for your visitors’ browsing experience? Here is what I’d suggest that you do.

Make Use Of Live Chat

Okay here is the thing. Live chat has a way of keeping your user busy. The good thing about them is that just in case your user has a burning question that they would love to be addressed immediately, they really don’t have to send in an email and wait for a fortnight.

Against your browser screen, you can always have a small pop up that prompts your website users to any issues that they want to be clarified immediately. At the other end, you will have real people that would be ready to answer these questions until your visitor is satisfied.

Believe me this is one thing that is always greater than the feedback forms. It can be outsourced or even employed so long as you have a great customer helpdesk in place, with enough staff.

Best Load Time Speed

Next, you will need to up your game when it comes to your website loading time. Irrespective of the kind of browser Making Your Website Quite Engaging For Your Clientsthat your guest is using, they should be able to receive their HTTP requests faster like they would wish.

To achieve this you might need to use the Google Webmaster tools to review your website’s loading speed that is usually recommended to be at or below 200 milliseconds. Also, you might need to apply every ideal tip that works to improve your website speed.

And actually through the years that I have been in this field both during my studies until such a time that I have my own website design company, here are some of the most ideal tricks that I know would add up for a great website loading speed.

  • Always minimize the number of HTTP requests for your website.
  • Give room for browser caching.
  • Reduce your server response time.
  • Think of ideal web page compression.
  • Reduce the number of plug-ins that your site uses.
  • Set priority on above the fold content.
  • Above all use CSS for instance the CSS3 Background Gradients

Easy Navigation

But that’s never everything that you would do for your website visitors or clients. If by now you own a phone or a PC and have ever tried to get into any site, you will realize how annoying it can sometime get when what you actually click on is never what you get.

As a business owner therefore who also owns a great website you should translate this to your website and walk in your visitor’s shoes. What happens? How do you feel? What do you wish for?

Now make these changes appropriately. Actually a hard website to navigate is quicker to experience high bounce rates than a slow website. Reason being that your website visitors get turned off very fast with the fact that they can’t get what they want or even to where they want to go. And this sucks!

So in order to make your website more engaging to your clients you will need to ensure that it indeed very easy to navigate. And that every click actually leads to what it point out to.

To do this you can either be straightforward with your clicks, minimize the number of pages your website uses, or simply use a scroll down than click.

Keep Your Images Realistic

And another trick that time has taught me is the use of realistic images. People like to see people! And while we might think that animations might be very much captivating, many at times they are never quite realistic to the circumstances.

So while your clients might enjoy their time in your website, they might after all choose to find a more realistic website that sells what they need. And one that uses the images of a person might just turn out to be real deal.

Therefore always keep your images realistic and if possible try and make use of people images. You might not realize it but trust me for your clients, they rock.

Finally the one thing that I would wish to talk about next time is the use of videos. But if you have sometime on your hand you can always research on it, or find me here to expound on it for you. Yet if used together with these four that I have talked about, trust me your visitors will love your dock!

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