Long Tail Keywords vs Fat Head Keywords

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Long Tail Keywords Variation

Think about the keywords that your business customer might search for to find the required information. Among the types of  keywords long tail keywords and fat head keywords are two important terms for SEO. Users who want to search specific information might use different keywords (long tail keywords) in their search queries than someone who search general information (fat head keywords). This infographic will help you understand the differences between the two types of keywords along with their advantages and disadvantages to use.

Long-tail vs. Fat-head Keywords

Look at the differences between long-tail keywords and fat-head keywords:

Long-tail Keywords
Fat-head Keywords
Specific and highly targeted terms
General and broad Terms
They could be less popular
They are more popular tems
Bring specific quality traffic
Bring less relevant and general traffic
Less expensive, less competition
More expensive, more competition
Risk is minimal
Involves higher risk
Conversion rate is much higher
Conversion rate is much lower
They have lower search volume
They have higher search volume
They consist of 70% search volume of total market
They consist of 30% search volume of total market
Need extensive keyword research
Keyword research need less effort because you don’t have much option
Example: Cowboy boots for girls
Example: Boots


Long Tail Keywords vs Fat Head Keywords

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