First Ever WordCamp in Dhaka – Bizcope is a Proud Sponsor


If you are connected with the online community, you are already familiar with the most popular CMS in the world “WordPress”. And for the WordPress community, the craziest event is the WordCamp. This is a WordPress community event organized worldwide at different venues. For the very first time in Dhaka, the local community is going […]

Bizcope Flashback – First Half of 2019


Whenever we do some internal meetings, we discuss how we can add more value to our customers’ life, how we can be a strong part of their business growth. Whatever we decide, whatever we do, we do it for our customers. We want to focus more on our customers rather than competitors. We believe this […]

Bizcope Knowledge Sharing

Bizcope Knowledge Sharing 1

Brands usually help their customers, right? What if you hear a brand helps their community as well? Yes, you are hearing it alright. We have served over 700 businesses since 2010. We feel with this huge experience we can keep sharing our knowledge with the community. So we can build an ecosystem and grow together. […]

Flashback 2018: Bizcope Stories

Flashback 2018: Bizcope Stories 6

2018 was such an interesting year for us that we feel like when we look back, there are so many things to be proud of. Choices we made, things we did and the moments we experienced made us feel on the top. In today’s post, we will share just a few of our stories from […]

Tour To Bandarban Aka Bizcope Hangout

Tour To Bandarban Aka Bizcope Hangout 13

What do you do when you’ve worked so hard over a long time? Get time to cool off!! Yap – that’s what we the Bizcopers do. This late autumn we went out to Bandarban, which is one of the best places we have ever visited. We reached there in the morning when the cool breeze […]

We Share What we learned

Nahid Hasan

“Sharing is caring” – I am sure you have heard this phrase so many times in your life. Most people believe that by sharing their skills they can grow more, help others, and in the process learn something new. Even so, the hard reality is; most people don’t share at all. Either they feel they […]

Idea Generation Contest for Bizcopers!

Idea Generation Contest for Bizcopers! 14

It is true that everyone wants to get little extra. But does everyone want to give little extra? I don’t know how many are there who enjoy giving little more to their clients, but we Bizcopers enjoy it. We always give something extra to our client. We are giving something extra to our clients since […]

Third Year as an Online Marketing Company

Third Year as an Online Marketing Company 15

  Today at Outsource Bd we Celebrated the end of our 3rd year as an online marketing company. It has been a highly successful, enjoyable, and memorable journey getting where we are today. I still very clearly remember the day I started the journey alone, and along the way I partnered one by one with all […]

Outsource Bd’s 2012 Milestones

Outsource Bd's 2012 Milestones 16

Contractor’s Event – 16th May 2012 The oDesk team had a Facebook voting system which was used to select the top two countries which have maximum active and engaged oDesk contractors. Bangladesh managed to be one of those two countries besides Philippine. Matt Cooper (Vice President of Enterprise and Business Development of Odesk) and Monica […]

Outsource Bd in oDesk Client Meetup

Outsource Bd in oDesk Client Meetup 17

5th December 2012 was a great day for oDesk clients in Bangladesh, and in particular, Outsource Bd (Rebranded as Bizcope). The firm was one amongst the very few chosen to meet up with the top management of oDesk at the prestigious EFES Restaurant in Gulshan, Dhaka. It was an invitation-only event and the participating clients […]