Outsource Bd in oDesk Client Meetup

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5th December 2012 was a great day for oDesk clients in Bangladesh, and in particular, Outsource Bd (Rebranded as Bizcope). The firm was one amongst the very few chosen to meet up with the top management of oDesk at the prestigious EFES Restaurant in Gulshan, Dhaka. It was an invitation-only event and the participating clients were competitively chosen through a rigorous process which involved looking at merits such as client participation, level of investment, and area of specialization. Outsource Bd scored high points on all areas and was represented at the event by its founder, Md Nahid Hasan.

Outsource Bd in Odesk


oDesk, which hosted the noon to 3p.m event, was represented by their International Marketing Manager, Ally Basak Russell. After a superb buffet meal, the 20 invited clients each got a chance to introduce themselves and showcase their firm and the quality services they offer.

Mrs. Russell then got to the main agenda of the meeting, which was to familiarize oDesk’s top clients with the new and improved features of the oDesk platform. She was articulate, charismatic, and informative on all aspects of the new and improved features.

Her insightful presentation was followed up by a question and answer session where she got to further expound on the new features and to explain where clients had not understood. There was a great feedback session where clients got to talk directly to the top level oDesk management about their difficulties and challenges in oDesk. These included discussions on issues relating to features that may need improvement and systems that needed revision to make them more user-friendly. She pointed out how the new improvements solved most of the raised problems and assured the participants of further improvements based on their valued feedback.

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