Real Estate SEO: 5 Actionable Strategies To Skyrocket Your Sales

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Real Estate SEO Strategy

You have a real estate website, but you don’t get much traffic. Will that really help you? Not actually 😕

But what if you can get hundreds of targeted visitors every month? You’d be unstoppable, no?

Yes, with the right real estate SEO strategies, you could hit thousands of organic visitors every month!

Website SEO


But the real estate market is so competitive, even on the web. In addition to that, classified websites like bdnews24.com, bikroy.com, bproperty.com, bdhousing.com, etc are driving most potential real estate traffics.

How will you win the race? Real Estate SEO: 5 Actionable Strategies To Skyrocket Your Sales 1

With so much competition growing online, only those real estate businesses will win the race who follow the right real estate SEO strategy.

Digital Marketing for real estate developers has become incredibly essential.

According to the National Association of Realtors, ~ 90% of people search the internet before buying a property.

Well, we aren’t sure, to what extent this statistic is applicable for Bangladesh, but what we are damn sure is that the trend of internet marketing and Google search is much higher than ever before!

Today, I’m going to share with you exactly what you can do to drive hundreds or thousands of qualified traffic to your website through effective real estate SEO strategies.


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Let’s Find Where Your Digital Marketing Position Is

When it comes to establishing your brand reputation or capturing online traffic for your real estate business, there are several factors to consider. These are the make or break factors that you have to consider once your website is up and running.

Simply, start with some basic questions. The right answers to these questions will give you the proper evaluation that you need.

  • Does your website showcase all your project types in the menu bar?
  • Does your website showcase all your projects on separate landing pages?
  • Does your website allow potential buyers (and possibly the sellers too) to contact you easily?
  • Is your website optimized for search engines like Google?
  • Have you thought about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?
  • Have you thought about using an Exit-Intent Popup on your website?
  • Do you publish content or blog posts that promote your knowledge in the business?
  • Do you reach out to your customers…using newsletters and social media?
  • Do you run an Ad campaign for your real estate business online?
  • Are you active on social media platforms?
  • Is your website optimized for mobile users?

If your answer to at least half of these questions is not ‘yes’ then you maybe are not on the right track.

But don’t worry! We are the real estate SEO agency to help you.

Here are the top 5 things we would like to share with you to get your company on the right track.


1. Keywords and Real Estate SEO

Ranking in Google is important, but if you work in the real estate business you must also cater to the Classified websites such as bproperty.com, bdhousing.com, etc.

These sites are online marketplaces for real estate properties. They showcase properties based on location, price, facilities and more.

These sites are great resources for buyers and many of the sites get hundreds or thousands of visits daily.

People like to search on these sites even before contacting the real estate companies.

It is important that your company is on one of these classified sites. Most of these sites do charge a fee, however, it is definitely worth the cost.

Once your site is up on these prominent sites you also need to work to optimize your keywords.

To help you get started with what keywords to choose, keep in mind that people tend to begin their search with a local keyword such as

  • real estate company in [city name]
  • developer company in [city name]
  • flat for sale in [city name]
  • buy flat in [city name]
  • apartment for sale in [city name]
  • ready flat for sale in [city name]
  • flat price in [city name]
  • apartment in [city name]
  • house rent in [city or region name]

In addition to that, you may also want to consider ranking for other search patterns:

  • real estate [Suburb]
  • developer company [Suburb]
  • flat sale [Suburb]
  • apartment for sale [Suburb]
  • buy flat [Suburb]
  • flat price [Suburb]
  • house rent [Suburb]

Starting local is definitely key as that is what is going to help attract the right kind of buyers.


2. Content Creation and Blogs

The second most important thing after the keyword research is creating killer content.

While creating content for the properties you are going to sell you need to aware of the people’s search patterns. You have to make sure you are writing the specifications of the property in every detail.

You should also write educational and informative blog contents highlighting interior designs, architectural features, modern lifestyles and decorating ideas, etc.

Once you write the blog posts interlink your content with relevant content pages – this is so helpful for ranking.

If you don’t know how to optimize the content for SEO, don’t be hopeless. A basic SEO plugin will help you primarily with the following SEO elements:

  • A Title Tag – It’s the first thing people see on search results. You have to impress them with a killer title. It should also contain your target keyword.
  • A Meta Description – It’s the second thing people see on search results (just under the title). It acts as an organic advertisement. You have to write it as an Ad copy so people can’t resist clicking on the result.
  • An Alt tag on Image – A common saying is that people don’t buy products, they buy images. This is more true for the real estate business. Place a professionally rendered image and put an Image Alt Tag for every page. High-quality images can boost your sales up to 10 times or even higher.
  • Keywords in Content – This part is very tricky. If you can do it perfectly you will win the race. Unfortunately, SEO plugins are not going to help you into this if you don’t have proper SEO knowledge. Content readability also matters. It should be easily readable by 13-15 years students.

This is going to help your posts rank higher on search engines like Google and will make your site more user-friendly and easier to navigate through.

If you have some good blog posts ready to share, spread them on your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


3. Photos and Videos

You know, a picture tells a thousand words. But it can also help you sell a thousand. With the advancement of graphic technology, people are now looking for visual content and particularly when it comes to purchasing a property.

High-quality images and videos give your potential buyers an emotional impact and engagement with a property. They add perceived value to your properties which facilitates to sell them quicker.

There are plenty of easy to use editing tools out there. Just make sure the images are clean, good quality and are optimized. This is especially important when it comes to accessing your site on a mobile device.

You can include video testimonials from your previous clients to further establish the best reputation in the industry.


4. Responsive Web Design for Mobile


Mobile Responsive Website


Without a mobile-friendly website, chances are you won’t rank on the top page of Google’s search results. As such, you won’t attract huge traffic.

The statistics say the same; over 89 percent of new home buyers choose their mobile devices when purchasing a property over the other devices.

This number is further growing since smartphones are becoming more common.

While making your website, tell your web designer that you want a mobile responsive website.

Google also confirmed that mobile-friendly websites are their preferred format.

Research shows that real estate buyers use their mobile to focus on the following to choose a property:

  • To read general information about a property
  • To get directions to visit a property
  • To map out where the property is in relation to schools, amenities, etc.
  • To compare prices and features
  • To search through Real estate inventory
  • To call or email
  • To read reviews
  • To scroll through images of a property
  • To watch a video about a property


5. Create a Social Media and Online Community

We have talked about sharing your images on the social media platforms. What we haven’t talked about is how to use social media to drive traffic to the website.

To drive traffic, you should build an online community. Such a community will help you to do a lot of things that are relevant to your business.

Some of the things that you will do include the following:

  • Share images
  • Create blogs and tidbits
  • Make real-time comments
  • Create posts
  • Post images, pictures, and videos
  • Go live with a property

An active social media presence will make your work easy. You will find clients quickly, reply to user comments, run competitions, post daily, and run campaigns using hashtags or retweets too.

Potential clients will also find it easy to trust you and to work with you. Thanks to the social media’s ability to instantly build a relationship and a connection between the clients and the community that you work.

Social media provides endless possibilities. However, you must also incorporate the best strategies such as:

  • Posting images
  • Using hashtags
  • Sharing blogs
  • Creating relevant content
  • Updating recent accomplishments or sales
  • Sharing videos of properties

When it comes to growing your Real Estate business online, you must find the cut. The key is to create the best engagement and value to all your audience. As such, the use of digital technology will be super cool.

Real Estate’s future is in the digital age and to stay relevant, you have to adopt some of these real estate SEO strategies that we have discussed. They will help you to get new customers and to build a great brand.

Still need help from a real estate SEO expert? Why not schedule a call to talk with a real estate marketing consultant?

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