Reason Not to Hire Low-Priced SEO Firms or SEO Freelancers

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Small and Medium Businesses always suffer from a few common problems which include lack of an adequate budget, lack of professionals, lack of equipments, and lack of tools. With such shortages, the firm will always wonder what choices to make and what to do away with. However, this problem is not as big as it seems if the firm adopts a clear plan, a clear strategy, and adequate business knowledge. In this article, I will share some few insights on why businesses should avoid low-priced SEO firms and low-priced SEO freelancers.

What Affordable Means

Most people usually find themselves motivated by the term “affordable”. They find it easier to try out products and services that are Affordabletermed as affordable. The term really works well for purposes of selling, but it is not always about the buyers’ benefits.

You should find products that are not only affordable, but more importantly, products that fulfill your business’ needs. You need products and services that can cost-effectively deliver business growth. If you are really serious about optimizing your return on investment for your business, then your definition for affordability should be something like:

Affordable is only a marginally lower rate than most firms charge, not 10 x lower than average rates.

Quality Work Takes More Time, Planning, and Funds

If you really expect high quality work, you have to realize that you can’t get it for a very low rate. This is because the investments involved in terms of time, planning, creativity, experience, and money to produce high quality work does not come cheap. Simply put, you really do get what you pay for. Pay cheap and you receive low quality. If you want better products, more features, and more benefits, then you have to pay a little extra.

Admittedly, budgets are a big issue for all firms, whether big or small and there is never any limit to quality. Nevertheless, while choosing quality in SEO you can always opt for comparatively lower rates but if the SEO firm is offering significantly low rates then it is very likely the quality and benefits will be low.

Why Are You Investing And What Will You Get?

Why are you investing in SEO? Is it to rank higher on search result pages? Are you using the services of an SEO firm charging 10 x lower rates due to lack of funds? If you are, it will save you money, and that’s a great plus. But what happens if you do not achieve the high

Why are you investing

ranks that you seek?  Even no ranks. What happens if you get penalized by search engines (algorithmic or manual)? This is the area where most businesses fail. They are afraid of investing with the right SEO service for fear of high costs and they end up paying much less with an SEO practitioner who may provide spammy work. They do not realize how much they end up wasting or what business opportunities they end up losing.

When People Start Gaining Experience Then They Start Increasing Rates:

Approaches required by firms selling goods and those providing services will usually differ but in general, in both cases one should expect to pay higher prices for more experience, better brand reputation, and better quality assurance. Therefore, when you find an SEO firm that charges exceptionally low rates, it is either because they are inexperienced or are newcomers, or they will use spammy techniques.

It is possible that you may find a low-priced SEO expert who will perform wonderfully and that will be a lucky break for you. However, if they engage in spammy activities then your online marketing is in grave danger because you will not only be wasting much-needed business funds, you will also be paying them to trash your site into the waste bin. And it will take so much effort, expertise, time, and money to pull your site back to high ranks out of the garbage lot.

What Will You Get From Low Rated SEO Work

At this point, let me point out some of the important factors in the changing SEO world.

In the Past
wrong SEO techniques would end up with low rankings

But Now

wrong SEO methodologies or unethical SEO will not only loose ranks but will also get penalized by search engines.


Therefore, by using low-rate SEOs, you will be investing in your downfall rather than in your business success. It is a lose-lose situation.

To create an effective SEO strategy you will require:

  • Quality Technical Staff
  • A great Writer
  • Resourceful Researcher
  • High quality Image Editors
  • Experienced Communication buildups and Link Builders

When someone is charging an extremely low rate you are likely to find that they are using:

  • Poor Technical Staff
  • Poor Writes
  • Copy Paste and spinning techniques
  • Using copyrighted images from other sources without permissions or no image at all
  • Poor Communicators and spammy link builders

The ultimate result of these efforts:

  • Loss of ranks
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of investment
  • Loss of time

Reason Not to Hire Low-Priced SEO Firms or SEO Freelancers 3

Funny Commitments

Another common aspect is that you will find many low-rate firms and individuals with high claims of guaranteeing top position results. Reputable firms on the other hand will give you approximate results with monthly packages that have clearly defined benchmarks. Ranking factors are totally dependent on search engine and they focus on around 200 factors determined by algorithms which change almost every week. So the only person who can give you specific guarantees is the search engine owner.

A legit SEO service provider will help the webmaster ensure that all their SEO efforts fall within ethical lines and use better approaches than their competitors. The approaches should be search engine friendly to achieve increase in ranks. Lots of technical skills and marketing skills will be involved but it is not possible to guarantee exact outcomes when it comes to placements on search engine results pages.

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