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Whatever kind of business you are running and no matter its size, a blog is essential. Without a blog you are missing lots of business opportunities. I have had so many clients during my professional career who have no idea about the advantages of using a blog. They didn’t know how a blog can enhance their business growth. Some had the mentality that “it is a small business, and I run it alone, there is nothing to post about it”, but this attitude is absolutely wrong. Size doesn’t matter; your plan, willingness, and strategy matters.

I am not saying that you can’t run a successful business without a blog but without a blog you are definitely missing a lot of opportunities for success.

Each And Every Employee Is Important

How many members of staff are there working hard to run your business? 100? 50? 10? Or you run the business by yourself? Let me assume you are working alone. Do you really think this matters? No it doesn’t matter. You should come to the forefront, show your face, and share your thoughts. You are the important person behind your business growth. So don’t keep yourself behind the scenes.

People Want Fun

Let us say you are running a catering business that rents out wood-fired pizza ovens. You have a website. How it will look?Fun Image

  • Home page
  • About us
  • Pricing Page
  • Contact Page
  • Gallery
  • FAQ and a few other important pages.

Now let’s say I am searching for some information related to wood fired pizza ovens and I arrived on your site. The site should be interesting enough for me to check your services.

Now let’s think about a potential client who has never heard about mobile wood fired pizza ovens. This person has no idea what a wood fired pizza oven is. S/he doesn’t even know that this is a popular barbeque and catering equipment in Australia for many small and big events.

Suddenly the client finds a post named “How a Pizza Oven Changed My Life”. The title should be interesting enough for him to check out the article where you have written an interesting post how a pizza oven really changed your life. And by reading that post, the potential client should feel curious to check your service. And finally he becomes your customer.

Have you ever thought about blogging as a marketing tool like that?

People Love To Hear Personal Experiences

It is only natural for you to want to promote your business, products and services, but people don’t want to read and see promotional material all the time. They want to know more about your personal life, personal experiences, problems and challenges you have faced, and the way you overcame those problems.

When you have a blog beside your company promotion, you will have more options to engage with the audience with a personal touch. And more personal engagement means better brand reputation and more business.

Say More About The Brand With Passive Style

Have you ever thought how with each sunset you become a day older? The same thing is happening with your brand. Today you launch it, and soon enough a month has gone by, an year, 2 years, 5 years,  10 years… this is how each and every brand grows.

People will really love to hear how you started your business journey, how it was launched, what kind of problems you faced, and how you recovered from setbacks. They will be interested in the areas you focused on more and how they can benefit from this information. One mutual benefit to them and your business can be attained when they go through your products or services. You can share your personal experiences to promote your brand. It will not be outrightly promotional but it will promote your brand passively.

Share Something Different

Last year (2012), I arrived at the office a little bit later than usual and was surprised to see that the whole office had been decorated with balloons and flowers. It was my birthday. All of the office members came together and did it and I had no idea. They kept each and every movement secret. I entered and all of them together wished me happy birthday and I was speechless. May be that is one of the biggest highlights of my life.Something Different

These are the kinds of information which are not closely related to your business promotion, but this information matters. People love to read this kind of information. The bigger your brand, the more expectations everyone will have. And also this kind of information gets more likes, shares, and engagement, and which really matters for promoting and brand building.

You don’t need to be serious all the time. Be funny, be informative, and be useful.


People Want some Personal Touch

Without a blog you don’t have enough options to give your business and clients your personal touch. For example, check out Moz.com. They basically create SEO and inbound marketing software and also earn through selling subscriptions.  Those are the main or core parts of their business. But what else are they doing?

  • Working hard to make their tools more effective
  • Working hard to make their blogs more useful and more popular

They share all the latest tricks, create informative and fun videos, answer questions from members of their blog community, and so much more.

People know the founder Rand Fishkin, and people react like Rand Fishkin from Moz. So his personal touch helps to grow the brand, make it popular, and create engagement. People believe it because it was told by Rand Fishkin. If Rand posted a guest blog post in any other website, people will give same importance like if it was posted on Moz. Because Rand Fishkin wrote it, so it is useful.


Who are you?

About us or about me page is not enough to say who you are, or what you do, or describe the quality of products/services you sell etc.

What you do and what you did is not enough. People want to learn how you did it and why you did it. You can’t narrate all these parts without having a blog.

The most important elements of a blog post which you can mix around are:

  • Fun
  • Professionalism
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Video
  • Personal Touch
  • Individual Tricks to appeal to each individual person


SEO Benefits

How does a blog help you in your search engine optimization process?

  • Search engines like those sites which update frequently, so with a blog you have a great option to update by creating new posts.
  • A new post means a new set of keywords
  • A blog can reduce the bounce rate through a good internal linking strategy
  • Internal links from blog posts towards landing pages or money pages or service pages can boost rankings.
  • Can increase the social sharing rates

So by working on a blog, you will have multiple advantages from brand reputation to increased sales.

If you are confused or want to run a creative blog with experienced professionals, you can contact us or visit our SEO service page to know details. We are here to help you.

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