Scammer Threatens Site Owners for Backlinks

If you receive emails from someone claiming to work for Bizcope demanding backlinks or a five-star review, then they’re trying to scam businesses.

They demand that you provide backlinks and a five-star review otherwise they will harm your website, which is being reported by several webmasters who were threatened unless they complied immediately!

This morning we received an email from a website owner who seems to be unhappy with this message.

The scammer introduces himself as Dusyanthan Balasubramanian from our company Bizcope.

So we’ve started seeing negative feedbacks on our Google Maps and Facebook page.

We would like to inform you that Bizcope has no connection with this guy and we are not responsible for those emails you receive.

Please don’t consider any email as our official message if it is not sent from the domain name Bizcope such as “*@bizcope.com”.

One of our team members has also shared his concern on “Google Search Help“.

We have noticed some other similar posts as well against this bad guy:

  1. Post on LinkedIn
  2. Post on BleepingComputer
  3. Post on Search Console Help


He has taken our brand name to hide himself or to damage our reputation.

We hope you’ll understand that these emails have no connection with us, and as such we cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever!


5 Responses

  1. We at BPM Professional Web Design, received the same email just a day ago, therefore we contact Bizcope for clarification and they promptly respond our email explaining that they have been target by this scammer.

    As we see it, it isn’t far fetch to think that this scammer is being paid by someone with a grudge or a business competitor to hurt Biz Scope by spamming companies and individuals, pushing them to complain or give negative reviews to Biz Scope in particular, as they seem to be the sole target.

    As business owners, we all must be always on alert regarding such attacks online, as unfortunately, there is no relevant authorities to track and punish such offenders. Google itself has no department to address such problems.

    Be vigilant is all we can do to mitigate such problems.
    Hopefully one day, tools and agencies will be created to bring such individuals to justice.

    Best Regards
    David from BlackPearlMatrix

  2. These emails are starting to pile up on us, so I thought I’d check to see what kind of company it is that is being used in this spam.

    Aside from the fact that the threats to destroy our ranking is ridiculous, I am very sorry that your company has to experience this kind of scam.

    I sincerely hope that you do not suffer any major damage.
    Best regards from Germany

  3. Thanks, bizcope, for clearing this.

    We have got this mail some time ago and knocked on your FB page. When we investigate the link you provided, it gets a clear crystal answer.

    On be half of Textile Details

  4. Thank you for your clarification, in one of our sites in Spain we have received the same threat email. We hope it does not affect your reputation. Have a nice day.

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