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Get an unfair advantage

In competition only the strongest will survive. So we apply unit economics to SEO market and eat your competition alive. We make your website bulletproof against the relentless attacks of Google algorithms. As such we win you the battle, we bring you the results. We are the SEO strategists. Strategists don’t act like tacticians. They strategize the SEO game so as to the SEO tacticians flee to mercy!

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Few SEO agencies understand the goal of SEO! They try to over optimize, and run after ranks (but not revenue). But at the end they don’t succeed in anything. They don’t understand the market research and Conversion Rate – so you lose your business and money. Only we care about market research, ranks as well as conversion rate so you can make more revenue and profit.

SEO Services for Business Growth

Are your SEO efforts generating leads? Our advanced SEO Services can double, triple or even quadruple your sales and revenue. Try our bulletproof approach to modern SEO services.

Your Goals & Determination + Our Strategy & Execution

= ⭜ Sales & Revenue!

Keyword Research

Our keyword research experts find untapped, high-volume keywords by using the right tools and strategies. It's the first step towards getting the success of your SEO effort. Our keyword research services helped hundreds of businesses to drive traffic to their websites.

Website SEO Audit

Our SEO audit services worked for businesses that are dominating their market now. Our SEO audit experts perform manual audit from experience because tools generated audit can't generate critical findings to improve SEO rankings and traffic.

On-page SEO

Our on-page SEO service creates the foundation of higher Google rankings and traffic. It also improves the chance to get higher web mentions. We apply the same on-page SEO techniques that we have used to rank hundreds of websites on Google.

Off-page SEO

We only apply genuine and natural link building techniques to strengthen your backlink profile. Off-page SEO and link building require huge resources, networks, connections that most SEO agencies don't have. You need them to build up the authority so Google maintain your rankings on 1st page forever.

Local SEO (Google Map)

Being a local SEO agency, our local SEO experts are insanely knowledgeable about Google Map optimizations. Our local SEO service is designed to attract more customers by optimizing your Google My Business account. We apply the same techniques that we've used to appear our business on Google 3-pack results.

Conversion Rate optimization

While nobody cares about CRO we are the only SEO company in Bangladesh who emphasize on this to convert your visitors into paying customers. It is considered the ultimate on-page SEO technique. Get more leads, close more sales by Conversion Rate optimization.


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World-class SEO Company in Bangladesh

Bizcope is a world-class Bangladeshi SEO company in Dhaka. Recently, we identified the number of SEO services we have provided in both global and local market. Although we couldn’t track the old projects especially from 2010 to 2013, we tracked around 400 SEO projects accomplished right after 2013. 

We found that 10% of SEO projects (exactly 40 in number!) are in Bangladesh and this amount is 2nd largest right after the USA! (updated 30 Sep, 2020)

Provided that SEO in Bangladesh is not that widespread, this number is certainly huge! This implies that we are the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh.

Best SEO Services in Bangladesh

Only a top SEO company can rank itself on page #1 of Google for the most competitive keywords like SEO service, SEO company, SEO agency, SEO Bangladesh, etc.

Only the companies that use sophisticated SEO techniques can rank themselves top in the search results.

We have been featured in local daily newspapers, television channels and FM radio channels so many times as the most popular SEO agency.

Now, we have 1000’s of happy customers around the world who are getting amazing results from their businesses.

Being the best SEO company in Bangladesh, we can help your business standout locally, nationally and in your industry.

Our Client Story

Case Study of Rokomari website [Ranked #1 for about 1000 keywords!]

While we say we are the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, we also have the proof.  When we started Rokomari project in February 2017, we found that it was ranked for most of its main keywords at first page.

  • 1-3: around 90 target keywords
  • 4-10: around 120 target keywords

One might think that there was not much room for this site to improve.

Rokomari Case Study

Using Google Search Console, we found that this site was ranking for another 5000 keywords at 11-100 positions. 

We optimized the URL structure, titles, headings, interlinking, body content etc. for those keywords and enhanced user experience by working on the design and look. While we are writing this content, we roughly calculate this site is ranked #1 for about 1000 keywords!

Today Rokomari is one of the biggest e-commerce business websites in Bangladesh that receives around 500,000 monthly visitors from around 50,000 keywords.

We Are A White Hat SEO Agency

SEO is not a Black Magic
To some people SEO seems like a black magic!

To some people SEO sounds like a black magic! Actually, it’s not! What we do for you is to help your users find information related to their queries so that it ranks appropriately.

However, this is not an easy job. So many SEO professionals use spammy SEO techniques such as private blog networks (PBN) and keyword stuffing to gain ranks and claim themselves as SEO experts!. These unethical techniques may sometimes work initially, but sooner or later get penalized by the search engines. These deceptive techniques are rank-specific and do not add value to improve user experience. Ultimately the websites lose rank and traffic in the long term.

Here we have come to help you resolve this problem. We are one of the best white hat SEO companies in Bangladesh. We understand the importance of organic SEO and thus practice ethical SEO. Search engines are now more intelligent at judging sites based on user intent, user experience (UX), and powerful content.

We work on them so your visitors get the best user experience and convert into customers. This is the key to our success. We do best practices for your site from basic things like descriptive page titles to more complex things like schema markup.

We make relevant and valuable content rather than just making keyword-stuffed content. We give priority more on user intent and user satisfaction.

We help to strengthen your backlink profile so it becomes prominent on top of the search results. All of these strategies helped us stand up prominently as the leading SEO service company in Bangladesh. 

What Make Us Different


Experience is such a thing that you can’t make with money. Our 10+ experience of excellent data driven results make us different from all other SEO companies.


We are led by biggest industry experts in Bangladesh who give services to the biggest Bangladeshi companies like, BITM, BASIS and many more.


Every SEO company says that they can deliver you results, but we don’t just say but also show you the proof from our real projects.



Because our Digital Marketing Strategists only have a specific number of slots available each month. So, do hurry and take action before your competitors fill them up!

WARNING: Before you claim your free consultation please be informed that this is only for those who are serious about improving their business for long term success.

Please note that you will be speaking with a Digital Marketing Expert, not a salesperson.

He will make the strategy for you but to skyrocket your sales and profit we need your commitment and dedication. If you’re not ready for that please don’t try it.

But if you are serious about setting up your SEO or Digital Marketing Campaign to increase your profits, book your FREE strategy session as early as possible.

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