6 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

In 2021, Globally the digital ad expenditure reached $389.29 Billion. Whereas there is an assumption to increase 13.3% and reach $441.12 Billion in 2022. It is expected to rise 58.7% in total media ad spending.     

Every year Bangladesh based local companies are spending 1,000 Crore BDT on Facebook & Google Ads to reach their target customers. The total ad market size is 1500-1600 Crore BDT per year.    

 There is a clear indication for every business owner that these digital marketing platforms will help to create more opportunities and upscale their business through boosting their sales. 

Local digital marketing agencies are here continuously coming up with innovative and data-driven solutions to uplift the business and take advantage to create an impact to achieve the business goal. Not only small and medium enterprises but also large-scale companies are facing challenges to hiring the right digital marketing agency.  

As more and more businesses are investing in digital marketing as a consequence more digital marketers are being produced and more digital marketing agencies are coming into the picture. But like any other industry, finding the right digital marketing agency is still challenging. It becomes even harder if the client is from a non-tech industry.

So this article is for those businesses who do not have any experience working with a digital marketing agency or still facing the challenges to hire a digital marketing agency for their business. 

Here are the 6 steps you must need to follow to choose the right digital marketing agency for your business.  

#1. Check Their Own Online Presence

It’s a pre-requisite and essential to any digital marketing agency to have an online presence whether it might be a website or other social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn. If they are capable to grow your business by producing amazing content and boost sales by creating an appropriate funnel and develop their strategies for ad campaigns that must be similarly reflected in their own business.

The digital marketing agency should have quality content, have expertise in creating funnels, have a good number of leads to upscale their business. Most importantly they need to have growth in their business. If they can’t ensure their growth in their business, it’s a clear indication they will not be able to ensure the potential and sustainable growth of your business. 

#2. Communication Frequency 

Ask them how frequently they communicate with their clients?

Remember, a digital marketing agency will work for your brand or business in a different workspace. 

It’s important to have frequent communication with the agency. Because there is a  huge possibility to drive better output or result for upscaling the business to enter the next level. 

It’s also important to know which communication channels they are using for their clients. 

#3. Reporting Frequency

As a client, you will always ensure the best output from your service-providing companies and it all depends on data and results. 

This reporting will help to understand the business objective and working progress. Not only that, regular reporting will create an opportunity for accountability and ensure transparency between both parties. 

Ask the digital marketing agency, How frequently they report to their clients?

Before starting your project it’s necessary to have a brainstorming session for planning or designing the campaigns and strategies to execute the plan. 

So that is why the agency needs to report their client on regular basis. This reporting frequency is either weekly or bi-weekly. Before hiring a digital marketing agency, you may check their reporting process and sample as well. 

#4. Goal & Numbers 

When a digital marketing agency is designing a campaign for your brand, each campaign has a definite goal and number.    

How your digital marketing campaigns will perform?

What is the exact plan and strategies of your digital marketing agency?

How do they maximize your sales and align your goal? 

All of these confusions need to be ensured and clear before hiring the right digital marketing agency. It will help to grow your business easily and maintain a sustainable relationship with your agency. 

# 5. Additional Digital Support 

In spite of providing a digital marketing solution, agencies might have facilities to provide design and technical support. For successful digital marketing campaigns, sometimes we have to work on the website. For example, for better quality leads we need to create a new landing page. Sometimes we have to redesign or develop strategies to add more functionality.

When you start to work with an agency make sure they have all the resources and capabilities to support your digital marketing campaigns. Otherwise, you have to depend on other agencies which will increase your unnecessary cost and time. 

#6. Feedback & Case Study                

As a client, You need to check the feedback and case study of the previous client. This feedback and case study will provide you with the real scenario about the digital marketing agency. If any client gives a video testimonial for the agency that is most powerful to convince a client properly. Because these video testimonials ensure the over delivery as they committed initially. It will help you to make your decision with confidence. 

As a top-notch digital marketing agency in Bangladesh, Bizcope has integrated digital marketing solutions to provide instant support to any brand and business. Hope this article will help you to find the right digital marketing agency for your business.    

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