Third Year as an Online Marketing Company

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Today at Outsource Bd we Celebrated the end of our 3rd year as an online marketing company. It has been a highly successful, enjoyable, and memorable journey getting where we are today. I still very clearly remember the day I started the journey alone, and along the way I partnered one by one with all the champs who have made our company an industry winner.

How We Grow

Our journey started on June 28, 2010 with a virtual presence. Within a short period, I got a few creative and energetic team members who have continuously surpassed expectations with their dedication and high quality work. These team members have been the building blocks of our success as a team and we have since attracted even more high achievers with our steady growth. Our team now consists of 20 in-house and offshore dedicated staffs who deliver great products to our clients..

Our Road to Success

In 2012, we launched our physical office and brought our talented team members all under one roof. At the time, our main focus was on providing SEO services. We have since then grown and so has our range of products and services. We now offer our clients a full range of Inbound Marketing Solutions and customized WordPress Development.

In these three past years, we have learnt a lot and experienced a lot of growth. We are still learning and growing.

So far, our main clients have been from the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, and Canada. We are grateful for their great responses, priceless recommendations, and most of all, for their repeat projects. There is no higher recommendation than when your client comes back for more services again and again and we truly appreciate that.

What’s Up For the Upcoming Year

With the growth of our team, number of clients, and variety of products, we have set out some innovative ways to bring more value to our customers. Our vision for our fourth year is to enhance the following areas of our business:

  • Even better up-to-date marketing services
  • A much more responsive customer support system
  • Better business communication tools
  • Innovative project management tools to enable clients monitor progress and get real time updates
  • Virtual Training Facilities for online business managers

We do hope our valued clients and talented staff will continue with us on this journey as we help businesses achieve their full potential and grow robust careers within our firm. Many cheers to you all and I hope to get your feedback on what you expect from us in the upcoming year.

Thanks Again
Nahid Hasan

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