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Tour To Bandarban Aka Bizcope Hangout

What do you do when you’ve worked so hard over a long time? Get time to cool off!! Yap – that’s what we the Bizcopers do.

This late autumn we went out to Bandarban, which is one of the best places we have ever visited. We reached there in the morning when the cool breeze of the hills was blowing mildly. We had our breakfast in a restaurant and we went out in search of a hotel. We enjoyed the whole time and had fun while sorting out the hotels. After reserving the hotel rooms we started the two days long journey to different hilly resorts and temples. We visited Nilgiri hills, Chimbuk Pahar, Shoilo Propat, Meghla resort, Nilachal hills, Buddha Dhatu Jadi temple and all the magnificent views of Bandarban. This tour gave us such a pretty and soothing vibe that we got charged for next few months without feeling any boredom. Now we came back sharp, fresh, and raring to go.


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