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AACOBB Web Design Case Study

75% More User Engagement for AACOBB with a Better UI – Web Design Case Study

We recently had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with the AACOBB Executive Committee (EC) on a website development project.

AACOBB serves as a vital platform for money laundering prevention officers and the banking sector’s broader financial crime prevention community. Their mission is to represent and support these professionals, fostering dialogue and promoting continuous professional development to strengthen the fight against financial crimes.

Our mission was to create a dynamic and secure website that could handle the diverse needs of 62 banks, each with its own set of requirements.

As a result of the completed project, AACOBB has experienced a significant 75% increase in user engagement compared to before.

Here’s a detailed look at how we tackled this project, from understanding their needs to delivering the final product on time.

Main Requirements

AACOBB EC had several key requirements for their website:

  1. Confidential Circulars Access: They needed a secure section for confidential circulars. We provided unique usernames and passwords for 61 banks to access these sections. 
  2. Admin Panel for Updates: Each AACOBB EC member needed a login option to update their bank’s static information. The website was optimized for load time, mobile and SEO friendliness, and included daily auto backups, DDoS & malware protection.
  3. Performance & Security Optimization: This included ensuring browser compatibility, web security, performance optimization, and integrating analytics tools.

Design Approval Process

During online meetings, we explained each design element. After reviewing, AACOBB EC would present it to their members for feedback, which we incorporated to finalize the design phase.

Technology Used

We used WordPress CMS for this project, as it was perfectly suited to meet AACOBB EC’s requirements. 

WordPress offers a flexible platform that can handle everything from secure user access to seamless content management. The extensive plugin ecosystem of WordPress allowed us to incorporate essential features like SEO optimization, performance enhancements, and security measures. 

Testing and Quality Assurance

The UI/UX design team created the designs, which were reviewed by the web development, marketing, and SEO teams. Feedback was collected and implemented before presenting to the client.

Design Solutions & Processes Provided

We began by researching with AML and prepared three design layouts for the association. In our first meeting, we surprised them with these layouts. Subsequent meetings involved detailed briefings on each design element. Feedback was collected and incorporated to finalize the designs.

Technical Solutions Provided

We transferred their domain name from the previous provider to our server and built password-protected landing pages accessible by 62 banks. We also implemented DDoS, malware protection, and web security measures.

Identified Problems & Challenges

  1. Domain and Hosting Transfer: The previous provider in a different time zone caused delays, requiring late-night communications to verify domain transfer emails. It took 7 days to complete this process.
  2. Client Requirements Management: With 62 banks involved, meetings often had 10-15 client team members, each with different requirements. After each meeting, we discussed the points with 2 key POCs to make decisions and implement the work.
  3. Design Approval: With a tight deadline before their conference on March 1st, we had to complete the design and start the migration by February 26th. Despite the late design approval on February 17th, we completed the work within 7-8 days.

Final Deliverables and Alignment with Initial Goals

We successfully handed over the final website in an online meeting with their EC members, ensuring it met all initial goals and requirements. 

The new site features an improved UI, resulting in a 75% increase in user engagement, decreased loading times, and enhanced user-friendliness with better navigational benefits.

End Words

In conclusion, our collaboration with the AACOBB Executive Committee was a rewarding experience that showcased our ability to deliver a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly website under tight deadlines. 

The final product not only met but exceeded the initial goals and requirements, evidenced by a remarkable 75% increase in user engagement. 

This project stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

If you have any project in your mind please contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

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