What is SEO

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“SEO” means Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing a webpage for getting traffic and good ranking. Most of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have given priority to website content which are most relevant and useful to users. So, to get a good rank for your webpages you need to optimize your site.

To make it little bit clearer, when you are using any search engine (google, yahoo, bing) to find the result for your search query then you will find many sites which are dealing with your search query (keyword) in the result page. This happens because the search engine has found the most relevant results for you using your search query so you can make your search experience more beneficial. The process of informing and promoting to the search engine the topics of your site or the product you are dealing with on your site can be known as SEO. To inform the search engine you will need to take a lot of activities to display your site as the first result  for your targeted keyword.

You need to know 4 important factors about SEO.

1. On Page SEO.

2. Off Page SEO.

3. Violations.

4. Blocking.


On page SEO is the process of ranking that is directly in the site owner’s hand. Mainly it is about the content you are providing, the HTML code you are using, the relevancy and quality of your content etc. Now, Off Page SEO is the ranking factor that the owner can’t control. It mainly works through link building process. The owner of a webpage pastes his link on other people’s website which have relevant content to drive traffic. Violations are whereby webmasters get punished with banning or with a low ranking to his/her webpage. If anyone uses Black Hat SEO techniques, then violations take place and affect ranking. Blocking is a new type of ranking signal through which searchers can have the power to decide which pages they don’t like.


Besides these 4 factors there are some more factors upon which the page ranking depends with SEO as the main objective:

1. Contents: Quality Content is a key factor of SEO.

2. HTML Codes: Should be used to make your site structure powerful.

3. Keywords: Best way to describe the topic on which the site is based.

4. Site Architecture: Should be strong enough to compete against rivals.

5. Link Building: Through this more and more traffic can be gained.

6. Authority: Strong authority is needed for maintenance.

7. Personalization: Creative personalization is necessary to get under the spotlight.


SEO can be done by some software also. Here are the lists of some software you can use to do SEO for your websites. Most of these softwares can make your SEO task easy and some can directly create Backlinks. However, the success of using software depends on the effort and way of working. Below, I mention a few of the software/tools that most SEO specialists use:


1. SEO Power Suite.

2. Ahrefs

3. SEMrush

4. Market Samurai.

5. SEnuke.

6. SEOmoz.

7. Internet Business Promoter (IBP).


Above all, SEO gives us the best avenue for increasing traffic to our websites as well as to help us increase rankings. With higher rankings, our sites can be displayed in the top results of search engines. More viewers mean more promotion of our sites that will take us to ultimate business success.


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