What Your Web Designer Doesn’t Know

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What your Web Designer doesn't know

Let’s consider a business who are in the market for quite a long time.

For years they had thrived.

They had never had a problem getting business in years past. 

But in recent years the industry has changed around them.



The new competitors are capturing a huge market share although they are quite small businesses. 

Their competitors had grown bigger, stronger, and more technical; while their business had stayed the same. It had stagnated.

They were so busy with their business that they hadn’t even noticed.

The business model of those small business owners makes the company rethink of their business that could improve their revenue stream.

They looked at their website. They looked at their competitors’ websites.

bad website

They noticed that their website was old fashioned and not up-to-date. 

Their competitors’ websites were smart, fast, and conversion-friendly. 

They knew that nowadays people search on the internet to find products and services. 

And their website was not up-to-date to make profits from it. 

So they decided to hire a web designer

They called their IT manager and asked to find a web developer. 

The IT manager called someone he knows and said, “We need a website.”

And the web designer said, “Sure, I can make a site.”

And the IT manager said, “Here’s what we need…”

“We need a new logo”

“We need the site to be mobile-friendly.”

“We need a couple of other things… bla bla bla”

“You know, just make it look more like these sites over here.”

And the web designer said, “Sure, I can do that.” And so the web designer gave them their site, and they launched it. 

And then a funny thing happened.



The business got a nice little website, without making any business. 

It definitely wasn’t what the business owners had expected.

They had expected a lot more.

Their competitors were still crushing them.

They were still floundering in their market, in their industry.

They couldn’t figure out why. And the web designer didn’t know why.

The website looked great, it functioned great, but it didn’t lead to any business opportunities.

This is a story that we hear all too often.

And this happens because as web designers and web developers, we get so enamored with technology.

We get so high on the fact that we know how to design a website and we know how to make a logo.

And we know the difference between one font and another font.

I’m here to tell you, technology is so secondary that’s it’s almost meaningless – unless you understand your clients’ business problems.

You could build the most beautiful award-winning site that has ever been built, but you won’t have built something useful.

You won’t have designed something that is useful to your client.


As web designers, most of us are so business-centric that we don’t ask questions.

We don’t ask questions about our clients business, their industry, their customer base, their competition, their strength and weakness, where they get their business, what their customers are trying to find on their website.

We don’t ask about where they get their revenue stream from.

We don’t ask about things that their competitors are doing that they are not.

We don’t ask about any of those things.

We just take orders and say, “Yeah, I’ll build that website.”

But unless that business owner has money, you’ve just made it to where they probably can’t do another site again for a while.

It might be a year, it might be two years. It might be three years.

And by not asking questions and getting to the real root of the problem; by becoming so focused on the technology and our own skills at design, we’ve forgotten that we’re in business to support them in business.

Our business is not building websites or doing SEO. Our business is making sure that our clients and their customers are getting exactly what they’re on that website to find.

It’s making life easier for our clients—making life easier for our clients’ customers.

And that involves exploration. It involves discovery. It involves asking questions.

And when we don’t do that, we’ve wasted our clients’ money.

If we just built something that we think looks good, but doesn’t solve the issues at hand.

And in fact, we may have even given our clients’ business a death sentence.

And that’s why we say that what your web designer doesn’t know can hurt your business.

That’s a true fact.

Look at us. Bizcope helped hundreds of businesses to build their businesses. 

We wouldn’t be the top web design and SEO agency in Bangladesh if we didn’t understand the goals of each of these businesses. 

If you like what you have seen here today, and you would like more insight on business, web development, web design, SEO, lead generation, and content strategy, go ahead and request us for a FREE strategy session.

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