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Which Outreach Template Works Better? – A Small Case Study

Guest posting is a crucial link building medium nowadays. At least our team prioritizes it for gaining links for any project. But it’s not working like it was before. All the webmasters are aware now what guest posting is and why we are asking for a link. No matter what and how you are approaching, most of the webmaster is charging fees for a link by seeing your outreach template. It’s a mutual benefit for both parties. After all, we are in a game where we all want to win from our end.

I read a lot of guides on the web that you can get good no. of links if you can create some linkable assets. I know it works, but again, not like before. End day, most of the webmaster is asking money for link placement.

Recently, we got a project by our SEO agency where we need to provide some quick links in a big no. And the niche was quite boring. Didn’t try to create any linkable asset or a great article. I thought of doing some tests on it. 

We make a list of 2000 websites is a relevant industry. It is not based on core relevancy but the broad topic. Please note, we filter out the site to avoid the PBN or Fake blogs. We focused on –

  • Organic Traffic (Ahrefs)
  • Organic keywords (Ahrefs)
  • Ref. Domain (Ahrefs)
  • Domain Rating (Ahrefs)
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow (Majestic)

We collect the list of real website which can create value. PBN and other junk sites can give us a backlink but that will create zero impact on the ranking. Don’t fall for the domain authority and no. of referring domains. These are easy to manipulate. Organic traffic and keywords can help you to differentiate the real websites. One single link from a real website is a thousand times better than 100 links from 100 PBN websites.


Don’t fall for the attractive metrics. Choose your prospect wisely.

We split all the websites into two categories. Set two outreach templates and send one for the 1st 1000 website and the second one for the rest of the sites.

Now, what’s the test we did here? I want to check out which templates get more response from the webmaster. 

Outreach Template 1 – A Generic One

I just set a regular outreach template following our structure. Try to build up a relationship with the webmaster. It worked pretty well for me. Here is the screenshot of this campaign –

Outreach template without Money

Looks decent. Isn’t it? It is the average response we got for all our regular work — a little bit of less or high based on the topic and approach. 

Outreach Template 2 – A Generic One but Mentioning The Fees

I set another regular template with a little tweak. It’s a straightforward email mentioning how much you can charge for link placement. Here is the campaign outcome –

Outreach template with Money

So we can see the response is almost double here. Money talks, isn’t it? Period…

Note:- I use Lemlist to run this campaign.

I know I might ruin the natural possibilities here, but as I said, it’s a test. Every webmaster is aware of how the guest post works for them and others. So they are concerned about it. Some focused on the quality of content. Some only concerned about earning money.

I want to check which outreach templates work better. I know the result before the test, and it’s obvious. But still, need data to show the outcome.

I am not inspiring you to follow the same thing. Definitely not, because, as I mentioned above, it will ruin the natural prospect opportunity. 

The end summary is link building becomes harder day by day. You need to spend money on all sorts of processes. Please share your thoughts and let us know how you are approaching to gain a link from a website.

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