Why A CEO Should Maintain a Personal Blog

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What is the basic role of a CEO?

  • Developing High Level Strategies,
  • Making Corporate Decisions,
  • Overall Operations Management,
  • Point of Communication between all Directors plus much more.

These are just some of the traditional primary roles of a CEO whether it’s a big corporate or a small business with few employees. But the business environment has really changed over the years. Basically in online business I have found each and every CEO is directly or passively involved in the firms marketing approaches. They always are now much more involved in efforts to promote their services/products. They are now more active on Social Media, they are writing content with their own thoughts or with researched data, they are sharing their personal experiences, and are also creating videos to promote themselves as well as the brand. And most of them are very much successful with these activities.

A couple of months ago I wrote an article about why a CEO should be active on social media and today I am going to demonstrate below why every company CEO should have a personal blog.

More Personal Touch

Almost everyone loves interactive communication and don’t like to always be told. Rather, we prefer discussing what needs to be done. With a corporate blog there are some rules that apply at both ends. The author can’t write anything s/he wants and at the same time a reader can’t post anything s/he wants.

personal touch

For example, every administrator of a corporate blog is restricted to writing in a language acceptable for corporate communication and you can only write on topics directly related to your core business. However, with a personal blog, the CEO can address issues of interest to the core client base and the general public even if it is not related to the corporation’s core functions. For example, a software business may only write about advances and new technologies related to software. On the other hand, the CEO of the same firm can write about how social media has affected online marketing, or how government policy can help in producing better engineers and more advanced production techniques.

Say Something Out of the Industry

As a CEO, your number one motivation should be to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. Your products may go a long way in solving some of your clients’ problems but there are other problems that will be beyond your firm’s mandate. In your personal blog, you can create interest and discussion on other issues that are of concern to your clients but are out of your company’s mandate.

For instance, in my own blog NahidHasan.com, I write a lot about online marketing. This forms the core mandate of my business at Outsource Bd. But at the same time I realize that my clients are many small business owners who face many diverse challenges in their businesses. So I also try to create interest and draw attention to other issues of interest to small business owners that go beyond online marketing. For instance, in one post I may discuss the best tools to cost-effectively manage your staff and the next day I will talk about how to maximize your budget and achieve growth. My topics will not always directly relate to online marketing but they will be beneficial to business owners and managers who pursue online marketing in the running of their own businesses.

Establish Expertise

One role a personal blog plays is to assure readers that you know what you are doing and have sufficient knowledge and experience to solve problems associated with your particular niche. For instance, if you are selling tour packages, you need to assure your clients that you are well familiar with the best vacation spots. This will let the client know that whenever they want advice on how to plan a vacation or an excursion you are the “to-go-to person” and no one else.

Share Knowledge

Company CEOs are usually too busy directing the company that they might lose touch with the basics. As a CEO, you can use your blog to share your expertise while also getting feedback from clients. There is a lot of information you can glean from an engaged audience. They will inform you on how well a particular product satisfy their needs and how your product compares to a competitor’s products.

Drive Traffic

One very important function of a CEOs personal blog is to drive targeted traffic to the main corporate website. This is key in creating awareness, building brand recognition and image, and increasing conversion rates. The more people get to trust the CEO the more comfortable they will feel investing in the firm’s products. For that reason, the personal blog should have posts that direct the reader back to a relevant page on the corporate site. The CEO blog will increase the online reach of the company and encourage loyalty from customers.

This is how a personal blog can increase the trust, engagement, web traffic, and customers and how it can play a huge role in their online marketing approaches.

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