Why You Need Social Media Campaign


Don’t read this article unless you have real interest in your business growth.

Social Media campaigning is now one of the biggest parts of

Google really counts the signals they get from social media.

Let me ask you a few questions?

Have you found this post through a Search Engine? If yes, then you already tried to search some information related to my post.

Have you found my post through Facebook, Google plus, twitter, or LinkedIn during your usual browsing?

If yes, then it is a bonus for me that I was able to grab your attention and you are now reading this post, even though you were not searching for this kind of information at the moment.

This is basically how Social Media Works.

Clearest Example:
You don’t want to buy a watch right now, but you have seen a great watch on Facebook and now you feel a need to buy it, and finally you purchase it.


Positive Brand Reputation

What do you expect as a brand owner?

  • Most People should get to Know about your brand and products.
  • A great number of people should use it.
  • A great number of people should come back because they were satisfied with the product.
  • People should recommend your product to their friends and relatives.
  • People should trust you.

These are a few of the factors that are signs of your brand reputation buildup.

Nowadays almost everyone spends some time on various social media, so it is the best platform where you can promote your brand to show your products, influence customers to buy, learn their expectations, and engage with them.


Search Engine Benefits

Most people believe the success of an online business somehow depends on its search engine optimization. And it is almost true. Because:

  • SEO can give you lots of targeted web traffic.
  • You will keep getting the traffic as long as the site remains on first page.
  • Targeted traffic produces maximum conversion rates.
  • People psychologically trust more those sites which have great SEO rankings and Google Page Ranks.

But the important thing is that, search engine algorithm is changing each and every day. Search engines like Google give priority to social media signals. By using fraudulent / spammy activities one can get lots of backlinks but you can’t get natural, voluntary likes, shares, and recommendations. So if Google find that people are sharing something to their network, and they’re engaging with that, then there is something valuable in their web content and Google gives higher priority to that site.

Felicity Crouch wrote a great post about this social signal. Here is a summary of that post with a chart.

  • Studies on internet browsing trends reveal that URLs gain a substantial boost in Google rankings when shared on Twitter.
  • This boost seemingly levels out at the 50 tweets level and additional benefits on rankings remain minimal to the 5,000 tweets level.
  • After 5,000 tweets, a URLs Google ranking dramatically improves.
  • URLs that gain more than 7,500 tweets most likely rank among the top 5 search results.
  • Average site rankings are closely tied to the number of tweets on each URL.



Share and Like Really Works

What’s the time you go to bed and what’s the last thing you do before falling asleep? Do you know almost 90% of people log off facebook likeFacebook and turn the PC off, then they go to bed and again log onto Facebook through mobile to check it one last time for the night.

So it is a clear indication how addicted people are about the Facebook and other social media. What do they do most of the time? Watch news feeds, like and share the posts they  liked, play  games, or use any apps.

So as an Internet Marketer what is your goal?


  • You want to stay on the first page of search engine results for the desired keywords.
  • You need backlinks and citations to increase your SEO ranks.


  • You want to stay on the Newsfeed of your target audience.
  • you need likes, shares, and comments on your desired post.

So the more your presence on newsfeeds, the more web traffic, more brand reputation, and probably more sales you are likely to gain.

Viral Exposure

Social Media can give you viral exposure. For example, a few weeks ago I wrote a post about Reasons Not to Hire Low-Priced SEO Firms or SEO Freelancers and posted it to our Facebook page, Google plus page, and made two tweets from my personal and Outsource Bd’s twitter page.

At first, I posted it to our Facebook fan page, and here are is the data I record hour by hour.

Facebook Post Data
What happened

In the first hour, the post had just showed on the newsfeed of the fans we have on our page. So the number of reach is not a great one. But when we got 12 likes and 1 share then the post started to show on the newsfeeds of the friends who had liked and shared, even if they were not from the list of fans we have. So we got new likes on our fan page, got likes to that individual post, and it also made us known to them.

Indirect Recommendation

Look at our sitebar on the right part of your screen. There is a widget which says “Find us on Facebook”. Below the title,  it shows 10 faces. Individual people see different photos here. But Why?

Facebook, twitter, and all other social media basically try to show the common faces from your friends or following lists. Because if you find someone from your list is following something or engaging with some firm, then it will indirectly influence you to involve yourself or engage with the firm. A familiar face provides you with an extra layer of trust and piques your curiosity. You will start to feel that you should try their product or should be a follower to stay updated.

What do you do when you find your competitors are trying some products/tools or services? Do you feel you should try those too?

Easy to Engage

When you are reading a blog,  you are not talking back to the blogger. When you are viewing a professional or personal video on YouTube,  you are not talking to the person in the video.

But when you are passing time on social media like Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn then you are passing your time in social engagement. Whether it is for professional purposes or personal, the goal is to engage with the people in your network. When you upload an image you will want to get likes, shares, and compliment. When you find a friend’s status, you want to make a comment to engage them in conversation.

Same thing happens when networking for professional purposes as well. When people post something professional, they want professional engagement there. When you are engaging through liking, sharing or commenting, you want to be engaged with back as well.  And social media is a big and easy platform to engage with the target audience.


I hope I was able to mention the most important parts to describe the Need for Social Media Campaigns, but if you feel I have missed something then please don’t forget to engage with me through the comment section.


Your Engagement is appreciated.

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