Bizcope Knowledge Sharing


Bizcope always care about the local online community to maximize its growth! We work very hard, so our clients can grow even more! We share our skills, so newcomers can build a better career!

Most people believe “Sharing is caring”. Even so, the reality is; most people don’t share at all. Either they feel they are going to waste their time, or they feel it may increase the competition.

But here we are different. We always spend our time helping others. We believe it is our corporate responsibility for the community.
Keeping it in mind, Bizcope decided to host some small meetups entitled “BIZCOPE KNOWLEDGE SHARING”.

This event will be in freemium model, that means you will need to pay in advance for a small token to serve you snacks!

So, why late? Register your seat before the quota gets filled up! We’ll only take the first 20 names on First Come First Serve basis!