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Audiovisual & Corporate Video Production Company

Audiovisual & Corporate
Video Production Company

Tell your corporate story with captivating audiovisuals and OVCs. We create videos that engage, generate leads, and boost sales. Let us bring your brand to life.

Audiovisual & Corporate Video Production Company

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Company In Bangladesh

Your corporate story is key to the success of your business. An engaging video can help you generate leads, build your reputation, and increase sales. Being one of the leading digital service provider companies, we would like to bring in your videos to trigger your customer’s minds.

Making your brand stand out from the crowd.

driving profits for leading brands

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Excellence in video production to showcase your business and boost your brand.

If you connect with an intelligent brand, you’ll know how video marketing can make a big difference in brand awareness.

Back in the day, if you wanted a video, it would be better to do it yourself than hire professionals. Today, video production is the way forward.

Whether it’s a website, video, live event coverage, promotional videos, or training videos, our corporate video production company delivers the highest quality video output that will convey your objectives to the target audience.

How We Work

Bizcope is a full-service corporate video production company in Bangladesh. We can provide a turn-key solution to video production by managing the project for you. We can help guide you through the process from start to finish. As the client, you can have as much or as little involvement as you like.

All our services fall under the three core areas of the production process;  pre-production, production & post-production. Here’s how we do it!


The first part of our engagement involves gaining a thorough understanding of your goals for the project. We then design the look and feel of the video, and we develop the story and script to provide a match to your ideas.


3.2.1 Action! Now is when we gather all the raw footage, including our creative abilities and professional filmmaking experience. We use a wide variety of production gear, from a top-of-the-line 8K camera to something as basic as a Go Pro clamp.


This is where your story comes to life! Our in-house editor links your video into your main brand elements, including logos, titles and call-to-actions throughout editing. We talk with you about any changes were made or tweaks and hand over the final video to you.

Ready to create your next success story?

Corporate Video production Services
We Provide

Employee Engagement Video

People are getting a better understanding of corporate work culture with the growth of social media. It can be a good idea to seek to capture employee engagement on social media for future employees.

Event videos

It captures the excitement and energy of a company's annual meeting or other special events. It gives potential customers a taste of what it's like to be at the event or recaps the highlights for those who couldn't attend.

Conference Film

It has various purposes, such as to provide a record of event, to share information about the event with others or promote the event. Our experts will bring the best out of your conference to create appealing video.

Product Feature video

Most companies use this to showcase the features of a product. Product feature videos are often used to promote a product and increase awareness for it. We keep it short, concise and make it easy to watch to get the best benefit from it.

Customer Testimonials

Nothing impresses people more than word of mouth appreciation by your customers. Capturing all these positive feedback inspires your employees, and also help project a positive image of your organization for future clients.

Company Overview Video

It provides an introduction to your company and its products or services. The video typically includes information about the company's history, mission, values, and description of its products or services.

Why Choose Us

Creative Development

Our experienced in-house video team can work with you to develop powerful video content that conveys your message.

In-House Equipment

Whether drones, motion controls, gimbals, or 4K cameras are a part of your video, we have got you cover.

Distribution Support

We will help you determine the most effective structure for your film, develop your content idea & help with distributing on various channel.

Great ROI

From your perspective, we are proactive in selecting ways to maximize your resources and pay the best price.

Some of Our Works


A corporate video production company is a business that creates videos for other businesses. They typically have experience with filming and producing videos, as well as editing and post-production. They can help create a video that promotes your company, introduces new products or services, or just provides an overview of what you do.

We produce a wide range of corporate videos, from training and marketing videos to animated explainer videos. Our team of experienced producers can help you create a video that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. We work with you to develop a script that tells your story in a clear and concise way.

The time it takes to produce a video can vary greatly depending on the project requirements. Generally, pre-production planning and scripting take the most time, followed by shooting and then post-production tasks such as editing, colour correction, and audio mixing. However, if a project is very simple or has already been well planned out, it can be completed much more quickly.

Yes, Bizcope can help you distribute your video to a wider audience. By using various platforms, we can easily share your video with customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

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