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Drive Sales With Google Ads & PPC Services

Drive Sales With Google
Ads & PPC Services


Spend less. Profit more. Scale Away.

A team of certified Google Ads experts

Boost conversions by 311% on average

Visually real-time data reports on KPIs

Drive Sales with Google Ads & PPC Services

Best Digital Marketing
Agency in Bangladesh


Make more. Spend less. Scale Away.

A team of certified Google Ads experts

Boost conversions by 311% on average

Visually real-time data reports on KPIs

Making your brand stand out from the crowd.

driving profits for leading brands

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We help clients manage their PPC campaigns towards their goals.

We’ve built our PPC service based on what gets our clients the best results with years of experience we gathered by managing millions of dollars budget for PPC. Start reaching your target audience today and watch your business soar to new heights.

- 28%

Decrease in Cost-Per-Conversion


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Click Through Rate

- 35%

Reduction in Cost Per Click

Management Services Offered

Our PPC management program covers the following ad platforms:

Google Ads (Search & Display Network)

Google Shopping

Mobile Advertising

Video Advertising

LinkedIn Ads


Our PPC Management Services Helps Your Business

Bizcope is a paid advertising company that can help you amplify your message across different channels and measure it against your business goals. We don’t rely on assumptions or pure speculation – we use data to drive our decisions.

Low Barrier to Entry

Even if you’re behind, you can get your PPC campaign up and running in no time.

Improved Brand Visibility

PPC services guarantee your products and services appear prominently.

Increase conversions & Sales

Transform clicks into customers, driving growth and revenue.

Get results instantly

Google ads bring instant website traffic, unlike organic listings.

Our Cutting Edge
PPC Campaign Management Services Include

Keyword Research & Analysis

Discover the most relevant and high-performing keywords to optimize your campaigns and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Landing page optimization

Maximize your Google Ads conversions with tailored landing pages. Get high-converting landing pages that drive results and boost ROI.

GTM & GA4 Set Up

This is technical – very important for organizing your all ads campaign codes. It’s also prerequisit for conversion tracking setup. 

Conversion Tracking Setup

Accurately measure campaign success. We configure advanced conversion tracking to gauge performance and ROI effectively.

Pinpoint engagement. Our setup ensures meticulous tracking of button clicks and form submissions, refining campaign targeting.

Draw attention and drive results with compelling ad copy. We craft persuasive copies that boost CTR, and maximize conversions.

We fine-tune ad elements and relevance for a higher Quality Score, reducing costs and enhancing ad placement.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our strategies refine user experiences, heightening conversion rates, and driving optimal campaign results.

Daily Monitoring

We watch your campaigns daily, making real-time adjustments for peak performance and swift issue resolution.


We’re a creative agency that can create the perfect visual language for you. Whether it’s for your Ad campaigns, website or anything in between we’ll make sure your brand stands out from all of those others!

Search Engine Optimization

Generate more sales and profit by ranking your website on Google 1st page. We’re committed to your company delivering the best result from organic search. We have over 500+ clients and 10+ yrs of excellency in SEO services that can’t be wrong!

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