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Sell your products like crazy with proven Ecommerce SEO

Sell your products like crazy
with proven Ecommerce SEO



In-house website designers & website developers

Easily add, update, & manage your website content

Custom functionality & data integrations

Sell your products like crazy with proven Ecommerce SEO

Best Web Design
and Development
Company In Bangladesh



✔ In-house website designers & website developers

✔ Easily add, update, & manage your website content

✔ Custom functionality & data integrations

We Generated 364% More Revenue for

How much revenue does SEO marketing really produce? Yes, it depends. But we have already proven to generate more sales and growth than the average SEO agencies. This is our strength that differentiates between a strong SEO company and a weak one.

90% Client Retention Rate

making us the fastest growing SEO agency in Bangladesh.

Fair Group
Swish Global
Nijol Creative
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We beat eCommerce competition across all
popular platforms.

You can double, triple, or even quadruple your sales and revenue. We’re doing it over and over again in almost every popular eCommerce platform. Also, we’ve worked with a wide variety of industries, allowing us to help them grow in both B2B and B2C businesses. 









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We help eCommerce websites rank page #1 and grow online sales. We’ll show you exactly what we’ll do, how much it’ll cost, and how we’re going to crush your competitors.

How Rokomari Grew into a Million Dollar Business

When we partnered with Rokomari in February 2017, it was ranked for the following positions:

  • #1-3: around 90 keywords
  • #4-10: around 120 keywords

One might think that there was not much room for this site to improve. Right that moment, we extracted another 5000 keywords at 11-100 positions.  We optimized the URL structure, titles, headings, interlinking, body content etc. for those keywords and enhanced user experience by working on the design and look. While we are writing this content, we roughly calculate this site is ranked #1 for about 1000 keywords!

Today Rokomari is one of the biggest e-commerce business websites in Bangladesh that receives around 500,000 monthly visitors from around 50,000 keywords!

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A Sneak Peek into our Success Stories!

We are obsessed with your business growth! If these case studies
don’t convince you, then nothing will!

Bizcopers in Bizcope - e-commerce seo agency

We're the Top eCommerce SEO Agency that Actually delivers Results

Marketing your eCommerce website through SEO (search engine optimization) is just as significant as other outbound strategies. SEO, when done correctly, will have a significant positive impact on organic visibility and online sales.

We focus on optimizing your site architecture, on-site content, and more to ensure that you are accessible to the consumer when they are looking for you. Our SEO program helps your eCommerce site rank in the organic section of search engines. With over a decade in the industry, we know how to create a custom strategy that will help boost your product, category, and brand pages.

Our Core Values

Our eCommerce SEO packages are customized for your goals. We definitely don’t offer the cheapest services out there, but we do offer the most value for your money. Many factors determine the pricing of eCommerce SEO. For example, the pricing in Bangladesh is not the same as the pricing in the USA market. The price also depends on your current keyword positions, the nature of keywords, the number and nature of products, and many more. Our eCommerce SEO packages cost starts from BDT 40,000/month in Bangladesh and $1000/month in the Global market for small businesses and goes up from there for medium and large businesses.

To ensure that we can outperform all other SEO companies, our secret sauce is never revealed during the growth phase. However, we provide you with biweekly SEO reports to show the progress of organic traffic and keyword ranks. This way, you understand what exactly is happening at all times.

SEO takes at least 6 to 9 months to start generating possible outcomes. If you don’t understand this, we’re not a good fit for each other. We know that dominating a business will bring you thousands of dollar in many cases. So obviously it takes some serious work, and it does not happen overnight. Of course we don’t come up with excuses, we just get the job done!

We Make Things Happen

We are obsessed with your business growth! If these case studies
don’t convince you, then nothing will!

We MakeThings Happen

We are obsessed with your business growth! If these case studies
don’t convince you, then nothing will!

Bizcope Helped Us Expand Our Clientele

For the last many years Bizcope has been working with us an SEO partner. They provide the service as like they own the company. We pray for them for their success. The business of Bizcope will grow, Inshallah!

Mahmudul Hasan Shohag

Chairman, OnnoRokom Group

Bizcope Helped Us Expand Our Clientele

Bizcope is not a mere SEO service provider. They are our partner and they understand our business. We had a vision to be the #1 company in Bangladesh in Chiller industry. Bizcope helped us to reach our goal.

Mamun Ur rashid

Managing Director, Earnest Engineering Limited

Bizcope Helped Us Expand Our Clientele

Beat your competition with the best SEO company in Bangladesh! Don’t be fed up with so-called SEO experts (who make more excuses than results)! Let our SEO services be your secret weapon!

Mahfuzur rahman

CEO, Tech Rajshahi
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Ready to beat your competition?


SEO Services

ROI Focused E-commerce SEO Service Company in Bangladesh

We have 1000’s of happy clients around the world who are getting amazing results out of their businesses. Being the best SEO company in Bangladesh, we can help your business stand out locally, nationally, and internationally.

We are not just another SEO company. We are the best practitioners of sophisticated SEO techniques to rank you top. We have been featured in daily newspapers, television channels, and FM radio channels as the most popular SEO agency.

  • Improving IT Sector by Outsourcing
  • Fastest Growing SEO Agency in Bangladesh
  • 90% Client Retention Rate


Experience is such a thing that you can’t make with money. Our 12+ years of experience of excellent data-driven results make us different from all other SEO companies.

Industry Experts

We are led by biggest industry experts in Bangladesh who provide services to the big companies like,, Fair Group, Payoneer, etc.

Proof of Results

Every SEO company says that they can deliver you results, but we don’t just say but also show you the proof from our real projects.

Make Bizcope your trusted eCommerce SEO partner

Partner with the #1 eCommerce SEO company in Bangladesh and start seeing results in 30 days! We have helped some of the largest product distributors and eCommerce giants to increase their online sales by data-driven SEO strategies.

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Let Us Skyrocket Your Conversations

Our SEO company only has a specific number of slots available each month. So, do hurry and take action before your competitors fill them up!

WARNING: Before you claim your free consultation please be informed that this is only for those who are serious about improving their business profit for long-term success.

Please note that you will be speaking with an SEO expert in Bangladesh, not a salesperson.

He will make the strategy for you but to skyrocket your sales and profit we need your commitment and dedication. If you’re not ready for that please don’t try it.

But if you are serious about setting up your SEO campaign to increase your profits, book your FREE strategy session as early as possible.

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