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Could a Free SEO Audit Help Your Business During Covid-19?

We are offering a free SEO audit to help your online business survive this outbreak.

Our Response to COVID-19

During these Coronavirus pandemic restrictions (where everyone is practicing social distancing and limited face-to-face interactions), businesses are looking to alternative ways of sales and marketing. Most people are rethinking their business approach to marketing and sales. Many businesses are looking to compensate for traditional business through eCommerce; some of who have never had to rely on it before. For many, these changes have prompted an interest in SEO or digital marketing.

In an effort to help these impacted businesses, we at Bizcope, plan to help small businesses in need. Our selection of free and reduced rate online support services may help maximize your business growth. If you are a business owner struggling to survive the outbreak, we recommend you keep reading to the end.

Our Response to COVID-19

Dear Business Builders,

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought a severe hit to all the businesses big or small. There is a lot of uncertainty about how this virus is going to impact the world and the global economy.

But, there’s one thing in common amongst all businesses, everybody wants to survive this with minimal impact. Owning a business is an incredible responsibility. This is because your decisions will affect not just you and your family but a lot of other people depending on it for their livelihood.

Are you doing enough for yourself and them? The best quality that you can demonstrate in such times to make the right decisions for all. It doesn’t matter if your business is on sound footing; these times are bound to affect your business.

These times are a test for your business. You can’t just survive this with a predictable machine-like operation for attracting new customers. It’s a vulnerable time where you need to be different and at the top!

As the economy contracts, as uncertainty spreads quicker than the virus itself! The people are fearful and look towards you as their leader, as an entrepreneur!

Are you prepared for the worst? How are you dealing with it? Start with a plan! Begin by looking at your company’s weaknesses and biggest threats. After you’ve addressed these, it’s time to get off on the right foot!

Look, now is the perfect time to invest in your business. To help you out we are providing a Free SEO Audit service so you can understand your footing in the online world. This Free SEO Audit is a version of our SEO Project Planner including a keyword research, on-page recommendations, CRO, and much more.

We understand you because we started with small businesses and are still in association with them and making them rise step-by-step. When you suffer, we suffer. This is not a mere financial aspect but much more than that. We value our clients, and your business has our heart and soul too. 

Remember, the only way we make it out of this situation intact is by working together! If you’re a small business owner who could benefit from a Free SEO audit, or you need an experienced SEO consultancy to regain your business growth, take this opportunity. We are here to help! Let’s survive this together.

With Love,

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Nahid Hasan  – CEO @ Bizcope

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An SEO Audit costs about $300 on an average. In these times of need, we are offering it to you for free. Yes, at no cost at all! The entire process takes about 5-10 days. You’ll be guided through the process just like any of our clients. The entire cost of the engagement is upon us.

Please share your details with us. Fill out the form below to let us know you wish to seek a Free SEO Audit service. We will make a selection based on several factors such as industry, level of opportunity, magnitude of losses, and more! Get in touch with us today!

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