How PiHR Generate 217% More Leads with the Help of BizCope

Case Study of PiHR

About PiHR


PiHR is an HR software company in Bangladesh with a demo account. They are here for business, but their main concern is not profit.

Instead, they want to help their clients succeed in their individual goals. Their main goal is to make life more comfortable and more productive for their clients.

They believe that saving time to do great work can skyrocket your business goals. Many top companies are using their provided hr software.

pihr case study

The Problems


PiHR partnered with BizCope to help them overcome the following challenges.

Lack of brand visibility: You can increase new sales, foster brand loyalty, and keep retention levels low by generating brand recognition. On the other hand, a lack of brand visibility can bring your business nowhere. Like-

  • Not Getting Content in Front of People
  • Targeting the Wrong Audience
  • A Non-Engaged Audience


Lack of leads: Lack of steady leads will affect sales and could lead to financial problems. In the long run, no business can survive if they don’t implement a leads funnel based on their targeted customer. A few reasons why the shortage of leads can harm your business-

  • Your targeted customer have no idea of your product
  • You are marketing on the wrong channel
  • You are marketing your product’s feature, not benefits

The Solutions


PiHR reached us after running several marketing strategies for 18 months and witnessing indifferent results. They knew their offering was strong, and they got the best possible HR software services but could not replicate what their competitors were regularly getting.

BizCope worked with PiHR to implement the following solutions.

Step-1: Creating a Buyer Persona. Before launching any marketing campaign, we thoroughly analyse who is our targeted customers & where are they hanging out. 

Step-2: Analyse competitors. Analysing top competitors helped us replicate their success, even better than them.

Step-3: Setup Facebook ads campaign. We launched a Facebook Ads campaign targeting those interested in this software. 

Step-4: Maintain social media interaction regularly. Brainstormed & created content and published on various social media channels.

Step-5: Increase search engine traffic. We performed keyword research and found profitable search phrases that can skyrocket PiHR sales. After that, we implemented our proven strategy to rank on Google.

The Results

237.87% Increase in Generating Sales Lead


The campaign has been a steady increase after the first few month of our campaign, reaching a peak through May and June in 2021.

pihr analytics

6145% Increase in Targeted Traffic


The campaign has been a steady increase after the first few month of our campaign, reaching a peak through May and June in 2021.

Last Words

When it comes to being successful online it starts with a solid and proven strategy. If you don’t have a proven strategy in place, no matter how hard you work, you will fail to see the result.

Every niche is different, and every site has its own particular needs. In this particular case, you’ve seen what we have done to achieve this huge success. Not every site needs the same strategy, which is our job to find out.



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