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knowledge sharing event in Bangkok by Bizcope

Bizcope’s Global Initiative in Bangkok

In 2010, when I founded Bizcope with a small team my vision was clear. We aimed to raise Bizcope, a company originating from Bangladesh, to international prominence, positioning both the company and our nation as reliable hubs for IT and ITES services.

I grow my team, showing them to dream big and envisioning a future where our solutions would transcend borders and touch lives globally.

In Bizcope, We not only served our client to get success and maximize their ROI. We also shared our knowledge with other brands with our events, workshops, and digital content such as webinars, blogs, videos etc.

15 February 2024, Bizcope successfully done the first global event in Bangkok, Thailand named ‘HOW TO SCALE YOUR BUSINESS DIGITALLY IN 2024.

Partnerships are the cornerstone of success, and Bizcope is proud to partner with industry giants such as Amazon, Payoneer, and JCI Dhaka Founders as our event partners.

This collaboration not only adds credibility but also opens doors to endless possibilities. Together, we are creating a network that transcends boundaries and propels Bizcope to the forefront of global business.

It was a truly great experience marked by significant success. Over 160 people were interested in joining this event during the Chinese holiday vacation. 60+ business professionals joined our event.

Apart from me, Global Industry leaders like Max Anujorbhand, Country Head of Amazon; Chareon (Ron) Hiruntrakul, Partnership Lead, APAC from Payoneer shared the stage. Bringing ideas, secrets and insights of business scaling.

Sharing ideas, connecting with others, and everyone’s excitement made an environment where dreams become real. Looking back, it was a moment to see how much Bicope has grown since the beginning.

Bicope is now gearing up for the next global event, fueled by the lessons learned and the connections forged. Our commitment to innovation, excellence, and global collaboration remains unwavering as we set our sights on scaling new heights. The best is yet to come.

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