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filladerm SEO case study

Learn how we helped Filladerm to gain 96% more organic clicks in just 3 months

Filladerm is an online shop selling Dermal Fillers and Mesotherapy products. The global dermal fillers market was valued at USD 6 billion in 2022. This is a competitive market in our targeted countries in the Middle East & Asia.

Within 3 months, our SEO process increased their organic clicks by 96%, positively impacting their overall business.

filladerm's growth on GSC

Let’s break down some key points from the SEO process we followed for Filladerm:

  1. Revamped the design keeping the user experience in mind.
  2. Researched and optimized keywords intent-wise.
  3. Published content tailored to the B2B users.
  4. Everything is interlinked inside Filladerm.
  5. Technically fixed the site’s structural and other errors.
  6. Visual content and speed optimization.

Revamped the design keeping the user experience in mind

UI/UX of filladerm's homepage

User interface(UI)/User experience (UX) is the main thing to attract more and more customers. As a user-oriented search engine, Google always likes what the users like.

So we ran an audit on Filladerm’s website and found many improvement scopes. Then with the help of our developer team, we redesigned and improved the UI/UX based on our research on the market, targeted group, and competitors.

Researched and optimized keywords intent-wise


We researched and found top keywords that suit the B2B intent. Then we optimized every page according to the selected keywords to target for each page.

Published content tailored to the B2B users

One of the main purposes of Filladerm’s business is to sell products to B2B customers.

That is why we picked some keywords intended for B2B purposes and prepared content on them to publish on relevant landing pages.

Everything is interlinked inside Filladerm

Making relevancy across the whole website is one of the most important ranking factors of Google.

We put links to internal pages in all relevant spots to make the whole site relevant. This way users can navigate from page to page easily.

Technically fixed the site’s structural and other errors

filladerm's technical audit

We run technical audits routine-wise to troubleshoot issues regularly. Technical issues can naturally occur regular basis on a website.

In the SEO process of Filladerm, we’ve continuously monitored and fixed any kind of structural, on-page, and server-side issues we found through our in-depth audits.

Visual content and speed optimization

Speed and performance impact the user experience, and Google measures it as one of the most important ranking factors.

So we reduced the size of every visual content and took the necessary technical steps to speed up the page loading time.

Final comment

The ‘Filladerm’ case study shows us how a perfect SEO strategy can superbly work for a very competitive global niche.

If we dive a little deeper it’s possible to find better scopes for organic growth in every business.

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