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How To Write Quality Content

Many of you have asked me how to write quality content. 

Quality content is a subjective thing and what is right for one audience may not be right for another. 

So there are certain rules to follow:

  1. Write for humans rather than being too much keyword-centric (especially if it ruins the quality of content).

  2. Be clear, concise, & strong. I mean write less but say more.

  3. Describe the content with graphical elements or videos, rather than writing too much. You know the proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

  4. The depth of research should reflect in your writing rather than shallow fluff. I mean the audience should feel that you know a lot.

  5. If the content adds value in the minimum amount of time you may consider it a good piece of content.

  6. Connect with your audience on an emotional level. Give the reader actionable items they can put into practice immediately. For example, get people to click a link, or to take your desired action.

  7. Provide insightful views on a topic to help a reader make a decision.

  8. Quality is in the value that is conveyed and how memorable it is. Quality is not owned by the grammar police and the typo trolls. Perfect is often forgettable.

Content Writing

Some tips to improve your content dramatically: 

  1. Start with questions: People feel curious to know the answer which motivates them to read further.

  2. Start with statistics: Numbers always play a key role to grab attention.

  3. Start with a quote: People always engage with quote

  4. Start in a storytelling way: From childhood to adulthood, the story is something that makes us curious to know the next chapter.


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