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Women's Day Blog Post

International Women’s Day 2020: Women Who Experienced the Progress

In Bangladesh, the reality is that the number of women in IT and ITES industry is very less.

Among them, it is rare that you will find many women in the Digital Marketing industry.

But as a leading SEO and Digital Marketing company in Bangladesh, we always work to inspire women to be a part of this industry.

We have been conducting many facilities for them to bring them to the mainstream job sectors.

Some of our initiatives include internship opportunities, training opportunities, Bizcope Learning Adda, etc.

We also engage as many talented and creative women as possible to be a part of our team.

Our mission is to establish the ‘gender equity’ in our workplace every day, so we can keep up the momentum of International Women’s Day into real improvement for women.

To remember this day, we have called some of our previous women colleagues to put some words on this day for our blog post.

We have published some of their feedbacks below –

Noor E Saba

Noor-E-Saba was one of our internees who is now established in her digital marketing career. We asked her how the internship program at Bizcope helped her to build her career. We quoted her feedback as it is:

“After completing my academic life, Bizcope was my first footstep in my professional career. I joined as an intern and for this, I’ll always be grateful to Bizcope. In our country, women often face social and official harassment. Bizcope completely changed my idea that how good the office culture could be. From the first day of entering the office, I got a positive vibe that, this office will not be a so-called corporate office. The environment was so friendly and homely that automatically I became fond of them. I have learned so many things in my three months tenure over there. Their guidance helped me to focus on my career growth. Though from the beginning I was interested to build my career in Digital Marketing but being an introvert, I often felt confused. Nahid Hasan Bhai suggested me to read more, talk more and make corporate networks. His suggestions have eradicated my fear to build my career in Digital Marketing. I have worked in three different organizations as a Digital Marketer in the last three years. Till now what I got from my professional career, I have to say ‘Thanks to Bizcope’. Best wishes and love for my first workplace- Bizcope.”

NOOR-E-SABA | Social Media Marketer| BASIS-SEIP

Aynun Nipa

We also asked one of our previous female colleagues ‘Aynun Nipa’ to put a feedback on how she feels Bizcope now. We just quote her feedback exactly she expressed:

“Pleasant working environment is the most important thing to motivate the employees to be more productive. Every company should have a subtle workplace, especially for women as they are more delicate compared to their male colleagues. I worked for Bizcope and thanks to almighty Allah that the working environment was so friendly and sophisticated that I didn’t feel insecure for a single moment working there. All the members were like family members to me in a short period of time. I have never seen discrimination among the staff. Not only a single thing but several kinds of stuff out there which impressed me! Like, there is a scope to make your food by yourself if you want, there is a separate space for prayers, and obviously, the elegant decoration which may impress everyone!”

AYNUN NIPA | SEO Analyst| Bit Mascot

Anamika Feedback


Anamika Nimmee was our another teammate who currently works independently. Learning and gathering experience from an established company like Bizcope helped her to work independently. Learn what she talks about Bizcope:

After my academic life, I was confused about where to start. But I liked digital media. I saw some of my friends work in digital marketing. Someday one of my friends asked me if I want to work with Bizcope. I met them and appeared in a small interview. When I joined I saw this was not a typical job. Yes, there was work pressure but as I liked the work as I liked my work. My colleagues were very friendly and helpful. We could make coffee or tea and have snacks anytime we wish. We had a room to say prayers. We could wear casual dresses. One day I had to quit the job as I had to go to my district home. But I always miss Bizcope and remember their cooperation for me. What I learned from Bizcope is my big wealth that I’ll use for the rest of my life.

Anamika Nimmee | Former Digital Marketer| Bizcope

Shahrin Ara Feedback


Shahrin Ara was our senior-most teammate who was involved from the birth of Bizcope. We gratefully remember his contribution. We believe without her contribution we couldn’t reach this level. We are proud to have such a teammate!

The journey to the current state of Bizcope was not easy at all. As I can remember our founder started Bizcope from mare a single PC. But it was the team effort of all that facilitates to reach our current position. As a senior member of the Bizcope team, I would like to say ‘thanks’ to all my male colleagues at Bizcope. They are the people who ensured the safest working environment for women in Bizcope. Proud to be a part of this awesome team.

Shahrin Ara | Digital Content Creator| Bizcope

Despite increased awareness of ‘gender equity’ or ‘gender equality’, we can still see there remains huge discrepancies among men and women in various companies in our country. But to break this discrepancy we want to be a role model. We want to ensure there will not be any discrepancies throughout our different activities. We believe to establish the ‘gender equity’ we should at least start rather than just blaming others.

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