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Nahid Hasan

“Sharing is caring” – I am sure you have heard this phrase so many times in your life. Most people believe that by sharing their skills they can grow more, help others, and in the process learn something new. Even so, the hard reality is; most people don’t share at all. Either they feel they are going to waste their time, or they feel by sharing they can increase the competition.

But here we are different. As a leading digital marketing agency in Bangladesh, we always invest our valuable time in helping others. We believe it is our corporate responsibility for our community. In last week our CEO; Nahid Hasan has attended two big local events hosted by Moteefe (A global print on demand platform) and Bangladesh Innovation Forum.

The first event was about introducing the marketplace in Bangladesh community. The co-founder of Moteefe, Oliver was present in that event and shared his experience on POD business along with introducing their global market place. Our CEO talked on SEO and Inbound Marketing and showed how one can generate sells by using these methods. The event was sponsored by global payment service Payoneer.

Nahid Hasan

The other event was BIF IT Conference 2017. The event was hosted on Basis Auditorium. The event was opened by the chairman of Basis Mustafa Jabbar and Shaikh Wahid, CEO and MD, Leads Corporation Ltd. In this event, Nahid showed how a business can generate more revenues by working on digital marketing and how an individual can earn more money by learning digital marketing hacks. He shared some case study along with some advanced tricks.

We will continue with our hard work to express our knowledge among our clients and community. Let’s grow together and experience the progress.


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